Garden pathway and backyard decorating ideas for a graduation party

When graduation approaches the mixed emotions of proud parents and hardworking kids reflects in the air. The excitement graduating from school or college and starting a new life; is shared by everybody including the teachers and principle. As a parent, it is natural that you would want to throw a nice party in the honor of this big and special milestone. Let us look at some of the beautiful ways you can decorate your house for the party.

Make it a memory walk

The walk down memory lane will refresh the precious time you and your child have spent together. Consider having a photo collage with all the special moments the two of you shared. You can also include the various symbols of achievements like the cups, trophies and certificates to mark this special moment in your child’s life.

Treats that resemble the graduation theme

For the treats, choose themes like the graduation cap and certificate as an inspiration. This will make the theme special and go in well with the concept of Graduation. You can personalize it by having the initials of all the graduated kids present in the party.

Have your own fun award ceremony

To make the air full of fun, consider having a small award ceremony of your own. You can give each kid an award based on certain personality trait like; The Award for Hungry hippo goes to, or The Einstein of school, the apple of the teacher’s eye etc. This will lighten the mood and make the kids feel special. For this concept, you can decorate a particular area with paper cuts outs of the Award certificate.

The basket of necessities

If this is an outdoor party, there are some necessities that you may want to consider. You can choose to have small kits of miniature sized bug spray, hand sanitizer, sunscreen lotion and other such useful items.  The other option is to have small baskets of medium sized bottles around the tables so that the guests can use them.

Balloons and ribbons

This is a part of any party and there are so many reasons why you should have them. You can opt for the special graduation themed balloons and ribbons to blend in well. Decorate your front yard or the walkway with balloons and ribbons to set the mood.

Centerpieces of graduated figurines

For the centerpieces, you can consider figurines with the Graduation cloak and cap. This will recemble the theme as well as acts like a memento. For the seating arrangements, consider having each family sit on one table. You can also consider having enough of figurines with the names of the kids so that they can take if home. This will not only be a perfect memory of the party but a nice way to congratulate all the graduates.

For the food menu

When you have kids around, food will never be enough. Consider a nice spread of favorites like corn on a cub, BBQ’s, Grilles, Roasted chicken and Rice. You can also opt for salads like pasta salad, chicken salad, a mix of cold cuts and even backed veggies. In the desserts, bite sized goodies is something that you can think about. Do not forget the special graduation cake in a flavor that every kid will love.  For the decoration of the food items, you can choose to customize the arrangements in the form of book, a classroom and even do some food art cuttings that are part of the Graduation concept.

For the decorations

You can consider different elements of the Graduation. Use decorative items like the black or white board, pencils and markets hanging on a rope for streamers, Paper sheets and cuttings of college or school related quotes etc.  Apart from that, you can also have the graduation cap haging across in the line of steamers.

Let us not forget the cutlery

You can easily get various kinds of cutlery that resemble the theme from the store. some of the even personalize it with the name or initials of your child. Go ahead and use this opportunity to bring in that special feeling. If you do not want to put names, you can just go with the year of graduation and the name of the school or university.

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