Form and function blend in harmony for the Naturoscopie I Bookcase

It is not often that we come across a piece of furniture that is striking, multifunctional and above all, a treat for the eyes. The Naturoscopie I is all of these and much more rolled into one cohesive unit. It is the perfect addition to any modernistic home décor and would definitely grab attention wherever it is placed.

Design Features

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The Naturoscopie I is designed by French designer NoeDuchaufourLawrance. The organic styled bookcase design takes its design inspiration from the free flowing forms of the basic structures we see in nature. It takes into account everything from the cells of organic being to the stars and planetary systems. It understands how these elements are interconnected in a series of complex networks, and works on the same principle to create a modern design that reflects the fundamental structure of all life both on the microscopic and macroscopic levels.

Materials Used

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The Naturoscopie I’s innovative design features an interesting blend of different hi tech materials. The main frame of the bookcase is made of carbon fiber. A special varnish is applied over the carbon fiber to make it soft to the touch. The five shelves that make up the bookcase feature a honeycomb design and are made of aluminum. Fine copper powder is sprayed on them to give the shelves a pink golden color effect.

Salient Features

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As functional as it is as a bookcase, the Natruoscopie can also double as an effective room divider, creating a focal point of attention for both rooms at the same time. The organic shapes of the furniture allow it to become one with nature as it flows seamlessly in between the myriad connections and networks. One can also choose to use the bookshelf as a display case as well, displaying important items of interest on the free flowing shelves.

Currently, the Naturoscopie I is a part of the limited edition collection of the same name exhibited by the designer for Galerie BSL in Paris. It stands as a perfect example of how man made designs can take inspiration from the natural shapes and organic lines of nature in the most creative and yet, subtle manner.

The Naturoscopie I is an astounding book shelf designed by French interior designer Nor DuchauforLawrance for client Galerie BSL. The bookshelf is a creative piece of furniture that also doubles as a room divider, taking inspiration from the smooth, free flowing forms of nature in its design.

Source : Designisthis.Com

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