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Foundations for Steel Buildings: Everything You Need to Know

Foundations for Steel Buildings
When you begin to contemplate the addition of a steel building for your home or business, most of your thoughts may be on the actual building itself – the finishes, span, width, height, and other similar factors. There’s no question that each of these matters, as they all impact the building’s function, its practicality, and how it looks. When you get it right, you’ve got an amazing steel building that will remain standing for decades to come.

However, an important part of the installation of this building isn’t the building at all, it’s the foundation where the building is installed. If you want to ensure your new steel building is safe, secure, and problem-free, and that it will remain that way, you must install a solid and custom-built foundation along with anchor bolt connections that are perfectly aligned.

Why Getting it “Right” Is so Important

foundationThe foundations and the anchor bolts used for SteelMaster Buildings are two essential keys to a successful and safe installation. The steel building you have installed will rest on the foundation and the anchor bolts will securely fasten the structure to the foundation.

These are components that can be guessed about during installation and then corrected at another time.

The Importance of Precision Installation for Your New Steel Building

Everything about your steel building is meticulously planned and precise in the measurements. This includes the anchor bolts used for attaching your building to the foundation.

It’s true that when you purchase a steel building from a reputable manufacturer that puts care into how the products perform, having a professionally created, stable foundation is key. If you have a subpar slab in place or blots that aren’t placed properly, the consequences may be severe and eventually, the building may collapse.

The manufacturer you purchase your steel building from will provide information to your concrete engineer about the type, quantity, and diameter of the anchor bolts. The engineer you hire needs to install the bolts into the foundation when the concrete is poured, so make sure you take the proper steps to ensure this happens.

When to Pour the Concrete Foundation

Concrete-FoundationYou won’t save time by trying to guess at what type of foundation your new building needs. In fact, you will waste a lot of time and money if you try to do this, and it is likely things will go wrong.

This means you need to allow the specifications of the steel building dictate what’s needed for the foundation. Most manufacturers will provide you with anchor bolt plans for the building you have selected to make sure the building’s stable and that the foundation works with the building, rather than the building having to conform to the specifications of the foundation.

Getting the Foundation for Your Steel Building Right

By using the information here, you can feel confident that the foundation installed will support your steel building properly. This can help ensure the building will remain in place, stable, and secure for decades down the road.

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