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Four amazing kitchen designs by Philippe Starck

warendorf duality kitchen
Waredorfer a German company manufacturer, once known as Miele DIE KÜCHE has come up with four kitchen models in order to launch their new brand name. Designed by Philippe Starck, the four elegant models of the kitchen take the design to a new elevation. The Duality kitchen-as the name says, the kitchen is accessible from both the sides. Library kitchen features the bookshelf which highlights the union between culture and food in domestic life. The Primary kitchen comes with the bright yellow mirrored glass fronts, carved with decorative flourishes and pretty wall accessories.

The Tower kitchen is shaped like a tower and can be easily rotated through 340 degrees. The kitchen design comes with the functional table and trumpet shaped feet in polished chrome. All the four design speaks for itself and are mind boggling idea by the designer which takes the kitchen design to a new level.

Duality kitchen
warendorf duality kitchen1

Library kitchen
warendorf library kitchen
warendorf library kitchen1

Primary kitchen
warendorf primary kitchen
warendorf primary kitchen1

Tower kitchen
warendorf tower kitchen
warendorf tower kitchen1

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