Fun and practical ideas for decorating the backyard pool

Having a backyard pool is not just about convenience. It is a luxury that most people cannot imagine affording. The truth of the matter is that if there is sufficient space you can build a low cost small pool in your backyard. If budget is not a matter of concern then you can also create unique backyard pool designs that stun your peers and friends.

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Incorporate your own ideas with the professional skills offered by pool builders that you hire. You can draw a plan of the backyard showing them exactly how you want things to be. Another important thing is to keep the budget under control. Make sure that the constructors do not add hidden costs in the final bill they present to you. In the following, you will find some extremely chic backyard pool design ideas.

Big and luxurious backyard pool

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If you have vast and unused space in the backyard then build a luxurious pool complete with a shallow swimming zone for kids. You may use red, rust or blue colored stones on the edge of the swimming pool for making it look more interesting. Instead of a simple rectangular design, use a pentagonal or asymmetrical design for your backyard pool.

Use potted plants on the corners of the pool and get loungers to rest beside it. For giving a total makeover to the backyard space, you can plant trees and create a flagstone patio. The swimming pool can have two levels. For kiddos at home, you can also include a nice slide.

The pond look-alike pool

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If you like the nature and do not want contemporary designs to prevail in your backyard then choose the pond theme. The purpose of this theme is to make the pool look a natural part of the backyard created and crafted by nature.

Sloping ground around with bushes and hedges and a swing hanging on the water from the branch of a tree beside the pool can make your backyard look precious. You can also build a tree house on top of the tree from where you will be able to enjoy the breeze merrily on summer evenings.

Pool with a waterfall

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An interesting way of making your backyard pool irresistible is to add a lovely stone made waterfall with it. Use stone pavers around the pool but the rest of the backyard should have well manicured grass lawn.

This will enhance the appearance of the pool and give your pool and waterfall a more natural look. The beauty of this type of pools is that they can be built even in cramped backyards. You can use water jets installed on the borders of the pool to make it look more urban. The color of the water can also determine the worth of the pool.

Tropical pool

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People who love their privacy yet do not want to compromise on style should choose the tropical backyard pool theme. U or V shaped pool with tropical trees and plants all around it will look lovely at all times. Install lights under the pool and get hanging lanterns to illuminate the area at night. Use stones for making borders for the plants. Make sure that the pool is easily accessible from the house. The trees will provide the necessary privacy.

Creative and quirky

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Building steps into the pool and underwater lighting can always make your backyard look more glamorous. But if there is a dearth of space don’t be disheartened. You can still make your swimming pool stand out by adding quirky elements. If you are interested in water sports then add a nice basketball hoop.

The hoop has to be at a convenient height so that even the kiddos can get the ball go through it. The backyard pool can be built in such a way that you can sit on the porch floor with your legs into the water. Add outdoor sitting area and fireplace for enjoying the pool in winters.

Backyard pools can increase the value of your property. Use your original ideas to make the pool stylish and unique.

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