Things to keep in mind when choosing a suitable headboard for your bed

The headboard is not an integral part of the bed yet it is essential for making your bed look really elegant, sophisticated and well integrated with the rest of your bedroom décor. Headboard helps in elevating the appearance of the bed and makes it the focal point of the bedroom.

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The bed is undoubtedly the most important piece of furniture of the bedroom. You can give it a prompt makeover by adding a headboard. With options galore, it can be difficult for you to pick the perfect headboard for your bed. In the following, some great ideas for choosing the right headboard have been compiled.

Consider the size of your bedroom

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The size of your bedroom will play a detrimental factor in choosing a bed and headboard. If your bedroom space is cramped, and you need a king size bed then do not opt for huge, ornate headboards. A simple headboard will look much better in cramped spaces. The headboard has to be in proportion with the other furniture of the bedroom and of course the bed.

If your room is large then use an ornate headboard in rich color for bringing the attention back to the bed. Consider the height of the ceiling. In a room with tall ceiling you can use a tall headboard but in a low-ceilinged room you will need a small and sleek headboard.

Do not compromise with comfort

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You want the headboard of your bed to look chic but that does not necessarily mean that you will have to compromise with comfort. Choose a headboard which is soft and upholstered so that you can lean back on it while watching TV from the bed or reading a book. Headboards made with wood or metals may look more ornate but they do not make it comfortable. You can choose the middle ground and get the upholstered headboard a metallic or wooden border.

Stick to neutral shades

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A fail-proof way of getting the right shade of headboard is to buy something suitable in neutral shades. Even neutral shades offer many choices. You can pick darker nudes or lighter ones according to your taste. Colors like baby pink, lemon yellow and powder blue may be immediately pleasing to the eye but in the long run, they will reduce the décor possibilities. With a neutral colored headboard, you can change the décor easily and add colors and sparkles as you please. Use colorful pillow covers or paint the wall behind the headboard in a vibrant shade to bring more contrast in the room.

Make it functional

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You can make your headboard really stylish and functional in many ways. Do not think of the headboard as just an accessory rather take advantage of it for storing. You can easily make racks or shelves on the sides of the headboard for keeping books, keys, torch, medicines and other necessary items.

You may also use the headboard as a divider for the room. Many are also adapting ornate screens as headboards for their bed to give a new dimension to its appearance. You can also make space in the headboard for keeping bed linens.

Put on your thinking cap

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For crating a unique look you will need out of the box ideas that resonate with your creativity. Check different websites and magazines to find something you like. You can also play with materials and combine different materials together. You can use a tropical or oriental wallpaper on the wall behind the bed for making the headboard look more distinguished.

Headboards can lift the décor of your bedroom and give it a unique twist. Make sure that the headboard is both stylish and comfortable. Upholstered headboards are in vogue but you can opt for several other materials.

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