The future of our lives through smart home automation and IoT

home automation and IoT

Our lives are all set to change with a future. Technology will make our lives easier and also ensure our wellbeing. Smart homes offer endless possibilities. These homes are more comfortable, convenient and easier because of the facilities and features that they offer.

From ensuring that your home is cool during the summers before you reach home to even letting you know if your food is ready or not, smart homes are indeed a big boon for everybody.  Apart from making our lives easy, another good thing about such homes is the assistance they provide for healthcare patients.

Smart homes and buildings bring a new look and change


Today it isn’t jus t homes but even buildings are revolutionizing. Builders are focusing on the demands of smart apartments and living habitats. As per a research conducted by Business insider, the highlights of the research pointed out that by 2020, the growth of such buildings and home will grow to 193 million. In 2015, this number was just 83 million. These buildings will include various smart appliances such as dryers, washers, kitchen appliances and other such products apart from smart lightning and thermostats. These are not only equipped with the latest technologies, however, they are also designed to ensure that they are eco-friendly and help to save money on energy bills and water conservation.

IoT Devices for Smart Homes

Presently there are various IoT enabled products available in the market, which have made their way to various homes. Every year, there are more products hitting the list that provide better facilities and services. Even the introduction of assistive technologies like Amazon Eco helps people in different ways. The programming of these voice-activated assistances is to do whatever a person wants. From giving the latest trending news to helping people know what the latest fashion trends are, or even keeping a watch on the person’s health, they cater to every small thing. Security, health, wellbeing, constant monitoring and other such services, all these possibilities and services make life easy.

The challenges faced by manufacturers and app developers

home automation and IoT

With the constant change and advancement of technology, there are various services and features coming up. It becomes very challenging for manufacturers to keep up with all the changes. Along with that, even the consumer demands are growing as more people become aware of things. Manufacturers have to rackle their brains with product designs to ensure that they blend in the latest technology along with the needs of the people.

Only products are not enough, even app developers face the same challenge. As we are aware, the smart home products have their own hub and applications. Developers are constantly working to ensure that the applications they develop for such products are up to mark. The need for user-friendly applications along with features and services that give the maximum benefits makes it very challenging.

 The evolving technologies and increasing data demands are the prime reason for more super connected and sophisticated products. These products are cost effective and energy efficient and cater to the health needs and concerns. This is why; developers and manufacturers have to be on their toes to ensure that they meet with consumer’s demands. This takes things to a very different level, which is beneficial for everybody in various ways.

What is in store in the future?

While smart homes and buildings are the present, the future clearly shows that smart cities are the next big thing. Already some countries are focusing on their infrastructure and changing it in various ways. These cities provide a promise of security and efficient services to the public to make their lives easy. These sustainable and citizen friendly cities are equipped with IoT products, which promote a better lifestyle in urban living.

They offer a better life and quality of living along with improved conditions. Moreover, they also keep in mind the growing concerns of security, healthcare and other such factors that citizens need. These cities also bridge a gap between the citizens and government. The response and preparations of such cities promise citizens all the necessary help they need in case of emergencies. Major environmental, economic and technological changes generate an interest in citizens. These cities help to protect the environment and also to reduce the concerns of healthcare services and facilities in various ways.

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