Get flashy with smart lighting solutions for your ultra-modern home

Much of a room’s elegance is expressed by the use of the correct lighting at the appropriate angles. But our lights are doing much more than lighting up our rooms. With the new era of smart lights stepping in to take charge, traditional is now out of the window. From security to distant remote control, there is only so much you can do with a light-bulb? No, there is much more. Here are our suggestions for smart lighting solutions to modernize your abode.

  1. BeOns Smart Bulbs

BeOns Smart Bulbs

Imagine a smart security gadget nestled and mimicking a traditional bulb. Far from the conventional, BiOns bulbs have the unique capacity to work even with your switches off or in a power out. This is accomplished by inbuilt batteries inside a module that harbors much more than just the batteries. The company makes your home a lot more secure with a microphone that is integrated into the module. This microphone listens for intruder movements, burglar alarms, doorbells and everything else.

Thanks to its tracking of your lighting patterns, the device will replay your pattern while you are away to make it appear that someone is home. Additionally, it can be programmed to do so by a click on your smartphone. It connects to android and apple phones using wireless connectivity for sending you updates and working on your command.

  1. Ube Wifi Connected Smart light dimmer

Ube Wifi Connected Smart light dimmer

This dimmer switch connects to your wall just like a regular one. Just remove your old switch and wire in the Ube Wifi Connected smart light dimmer using two wires. The gadget has a touch-panel that will sense the movements of your fingers to dim the lights of the room accordingly. Other gestures that are supported are pinching in or out to turn on and off all the lights in the home.

You can also control multiple lights by using two fingers at once. The most amazing feature is that the dimmer connects easily with your Wifi router and then to your smartphone. The accompanying Ube app allows you to remotely control the dimmer while you are away. You can also set moods for lighting using just a simple click.

  1. The Q

The Q

This is a smart device that links your lights with your music. The Q comes with its own router and smartphone app. The LED bulbs connect to the Q station router, through which you can create and manage your playlists as well as your lighting. The router, when connected to your music system, renders it with access to wireless network.

This capability makes it possible for you to manage music from your smartphone. When activated the router also customizes your lights with your music to give you a perfect light show for your parties.

  1. Prii One

Prii One

This gesture-friendly light switch is a step ahead the ordinary and contemporary light switches. The LEDs sense your hand’s gestures and turn on when you swipe up and turn off when you swipe down. If this was all, this unique smart lighting solution would not have made it to our list. The Prii One by Priisense also responds to voice commands. “Light on”, turns on the lights and vice versa. There are other customizable voice control phrases available. The gadget comes with options in faceplates to blend with your home décor.

  1. Switchmate


This gadget connects wirelessly to your smartphone and other smart devices in your home. It allows you to turn on and off your lights without having to get up from your bed or couch. It has a modern lighting timer which will retrace your lighting habits when you are away to make it look like someone is home.

The modern solutions for lighting can be a great supplement to your personal and professional setting. Taking the conventional and creating gadgets that abide by current requirements, these light controlling switches, dimmers, and bulbs are a rage in modern homes.

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