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Get the radiator out of the ugly and give it some home décor style

Radiators play a very important role to heat up our homes, yet we consider their presence to be an eyesore in an interior decoration. Well, this is owing to the traditional radiator look that just does not go well with the modern interior décor.

Make it a focal point 2

However, the modern radiators have come a long way and have upgraded their design and look but many people still own those traditional radiators. If you are willing to stick to those old pieces, no problem, you can use these tips to give old radiators a new and a happening feel that will complement your room décor.

Make it a focal point

Make it a focal point

This is for the times when your old radiator is not in use. To make it a focal point in your home décor, you need to maintain it, as in you cannot put a worn out thing on display and take pride in it. Polish it or paint it, or do whatever you can do to make it look visually appealing. Place it against the wall, hang a vintage clock above it, or a photo collage.

Using it as a shelf

Using radiator as a shelf

If you think radiator in your room takes a lot of space, or wastes space to put rightly, you can start using it as a shelf. It is up to you whether you want to place a shelf direct on it, or fix a shelf in the wall right above the radiator. If you choose a wooden shelf and place directly on the radiator, it might warp soon.

A slab of marble or any stone for that matter seems a more viable solution to it and looks trendy. In your bathroom, use radiator shelf to put towels or some bathing creams and gels. In your living room, you can place photo frames, and books on it.

A comfortable seating

comfortable seating

You can hide the not so good-looking radiator under a stylish and a comfortable seating. You can place it anywhere but it looks best as the one placed beside a bay window. Add a comfortable cushion and throw some colorful pillows on it to make it a stylish seating. Yet another DIY radiator seating project calls for a low bench that you can place above the radiator, disguising its ugly appearance.

Paint it

Paint it

Painting an old radiator is the best way to make it stylish and happening without putting in many efforts. Depending upon the room décor and your taste, you can color the radiator in either a monochromatic tone or giving it the VIBGYOR effect.

Not just colors, you can play with the patterns as well when it comes to transforming an old and boring radiator into a modern and sexy radiator. Depending upon the room style, you can paint different and interesting patterns, such as a butterfly on the radiator in children’s room, some abstract art for your living room’s radiator and so on.

Sexy covers

radiator covers

Modern radiators are already sexy in their looks, so no need to hide them under covers. However, the traditional ones have some issues with their appearance and they also turn hot when switched on, which means, you could hurt yourself if you touch them.

A radiator cover happens to solve both these problems very well, and you can design some of the most beautiful and modern covers for the traditional radiators in use at your place. Search net and pick coolest designs, which are ideal not only to look at but functionally as well.

Radiator is an integral part of many homes that use it for home heating purposes. Modern radiators have changed a lot in their looks and function but the traditional ones lack visual appeal, which demands your creativity and innovation to disguise its flaws.

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