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Give your home a modern look with these home decoration tips

Planning to give your home a makeover? Then consider these home decorating tips that can help you achieve a modern look without spending too much on the project. From choosing the right color paint to using the right furnishings, these steps will help you know what works for a modern home.

Choose the right color

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When it comes to giving an elegant touch to the rooms of your home, you will need to choose a color that adds instant charm and glamour to a space. The best color choices in this case can be either soft, understated hues or bold, dramatic shades. The paint color decides the rest of the room décor. So make sure you take care of this detail first.

Paint the Trims and Opt for Crown Molding

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Weathered trims can make your home look outdated and aged both inside and outside. Painting the trims can help offer an instant modernistic upgrade to your home. Make sure you choose a color that complements the color on the walls for a beautiful, elegant impact.Crown molding is another option you can choose to make your home look more elegant. Crown molding completes a room and offers it a cohesive look that is hard to miss.

Choose the correct lighting options

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Lighting can make or break the look of a room and can be the difference between a room that looks ordinary and a room that looks ultra-modern. Rather than opting for standard light fixtures, choose designer lighting options that add richness to the indoor space. There is no need to splurge on designer lights as well. You can visit second hand stores and flea markets to get some really cool looking lights for amazingly cheap prices.

Yard lighting is also important when it comes to making your home look modern from the outside as well. Opt for ample lighting in and around the exterior to make your home look warm and welcoming at night. In addition to making your home look elegant and sophisticated to passersby, this will also ensure prowlers stay off your property.

Opt for Floating Cabinets

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Gone are the days when people used to opt for floor to ceiling cabinets to store items. The more modern homes today feature compact, floating cabinets that free up leg space while still providing ample storage space for essentials. So try getting your hand on some floating cabinets for your home to achieve the said modernistic look.

Use Creative House Numbers

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This one is for the exterior of your home. Rather than using the same old door number design, consider adding a distinctive accent that will make your home stand apart. Decorative number plates are all the rage now what with innumerable options to choose from when it comes to displaying your home number on the door or the side wall. Make sure you choose a creative, but complementing design that doesn’t detract from your home’s modern look too much.

Make use of Mirrors

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Mirrors are a mainstay in many modern homes, thanks to the way they easily expand the available space and allow natural light to pass through the home. Don’t go for the high-end, elaborate and expensive mirrors. Rather, choose a wide variety of cheaper mirrors that can be hung at strategic places in the rooms to make them look more luxurious.

Consider Window Treatments

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Window treatments are a must if you want to make your home look more modern. They will complete the overall look of the room in addition to making the windows look beautiful. Stay away from flimsy materials that look cheap. Rather, aim for heavy draperies that you can buy off-the-rack for great prices. Lined draperies also look great for windows in a modern home.

Want to make your home look more modern, albeit on a strict budget? Then take note of these simple pointers that will help you achieve the modernistic look without spending too much in the process.

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