Give your bathroom a facelift with a spa-style look

A spa would be like a heaven after a daylong routine. You may not want to visit a Spa because of several reasons, from it being expensive to just be at home and relax. Why not create a spa in your bathroom at home?

Creating a Spa at home

bathroom a facelift

To give your bathroom a spa like look, the first and foremost thing that you can do is get rid of the clutter. All the things that usually are spread around in the bathroom create a feeling of dismay. A spa is all about a calm and serene environment. There are a variety of styles that you can add to your bathroom to give it a spa like feeling.

You can add elements into your bathroom to create a spa like ambience. Playing with the fragrances and the soothing music will work, it is not necessary that you need to bring in a Jacuzzi to your bathroom for the effect. How do you change the ambience of your bathroom?

The Visual Appeal

bathroom a facelift 2

To feel like you are in a spa you need to make your bathroom look like one. Don’t worry there are a few simple things that you can do to get started. To get an organic feeling you can paint the walls of your bathroom with a soothing color. Colors that bring you close to the nature like green, gray and brown are a good option. These colors will also make your small bathroom look like a bigger space.

Lights can do a lot in changing the appearance of your bathroom. Installing dim lights with the help of a dimmer will create a romantic atmosphere. You can change the intensity of the lights at your will by using a dimmer, instead of using a permanent dim light. There are a number of lights from recessed ceiling lights to decorative wall lights.

Flooring of your bathroom should be a contrast to the color on the wall. How about a wooden flooring? It is obvious that natural wood will not be suitable for flooring in the bathroom. The alternate is faux wooden tiles, these are made of porcelain or ceramic and bear a wooden texture on them. These tiles are available in a variety of wooden patterns to choose from.

Installing a Zen style bathtub would work wonders in the bathroom. Such tubs are also available in comparatively smaller size but are deep enough for a hot tub bath. This would definitely relax your senses. A massage showerhead is also a good option if you do not have the space to install a bathtub. If you have, the space and the budget install both the bathtub and the massage showerhead.

The Fragrances


Fragrances can mesmerize your senses and take you into a wonderland. There are so many options to enhance the Spa like feeling in your bathroom using the sense of smell. Aromatherapy will elevate your mood and clam you down. Make use of the aromas of the fragrant soaps, body lotions, shower gels, scented candles and diffusers to create a spa in your bathroom. The body care products with a pleasing smell will give you a better health too.

The Music


Water resistant Bluetooth speakers are available these days, you can enhance the pleasing effect of the spa at your home by using them. They can be connected via Bluetooth technology to any of your smart gadgets kept in the room.

So is it really tough to create a spa in your bathroom? With some changes, you can have a good time chilling out in the self-created spa ambience at home.

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