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Groundcovers and plants are a good alternative to mowing

A perfect lawn takes a lot of maintenance – weeding and mowing has to be regularly done otherwise overgrown grass and weeds would make your garden look ugly. You may be bored of mowing the lawn day in and day out. Moreover, the lawn mower which is a necessary tool in lawn maintenance, causes a lot of atmospheric pollution. These two reasons may be enough for you to think about alternatives, such as groundcovers. Replacing your lawn with groundcovers will help you in avoiding lawn mowers, thus reducing your carbon footprint. Even groundcovers require much less work. Take a look at some groundcover plants you can plant:

 Lysimachia nummularia or Golden Creeping Jenny

Image Source: delawarewildflowers.org

This ground cover can grow in wet areas and need partial shade, but it has the best golden yellow color when grown in the sun. It can quickly cover large areas and its roots choke out the weeds as they spreads. You can use this as a border for a pond, or along a walkway or to line a wall. You can use it in container gardens too. 

Thymus praecox or Red Creeping Thyme

To dramatically transform your lawn, there is nothing like this groundcover. Its reddish blooms can make any garden breathtaking. The dense mat that it forms can withstand some foot traffic, but not much. The evergreen foliage transforms into a lovely bronze in winter. Apart from planting it in your lawn space, you can use it also as a border, or all round stepping stones and flagstone patios. It needs strong sun with a well-drained out soil. It is resistant to deer and grows up to 4 inches.

Dragon’s Blood Sedum

Image Source: gasper.net

This groundcover is considered by many as the hardiest, most versatile of all the covers which suppress weeds. It can thrive in almost all conditions, including poor soil, full sun or partial shade areas. Its trailing stems take root easily so it grows aggressively.  Its green leaves are bright and beautiful in spring, and the color turns maroon as it gets colder. In summer, it’s pretty red flowers makes the garden/lawn come alive. 

Ajuga reptans or Black Scallop

Keeping up to its name, this cover boasts of almost black leaves which stay close to the ground. You can use it to design a striking bed in an area of moderate to less foot traffic. Its thick mat doesn’t allow weeds to spread. It’s not as aggressive as other covers and requires good drainage. It thrives in highly fertile soil but it can tolerate poor soils too. 

Creeping Thyme

Image Source: assets-production-webvanta-com

Creeping thyme is fragrant and is available in many different varieties. They have a height of 3-6 inches and their delicate flowers are a delight to look at. You can use this groundcover if your soil is dry and also if you want a plant for your rock garden or stair crevices.

Mazus reptans or Mazus

It’s a perennial, low maintenance ground cover which is best for partial shade but it grows in full shade too. It is an evergreen plant and blooms in summer, sometimes till fall. It’s only 2 inches in height and easy to maintain and propagate.

Delosperma cooperi or Ice Plant

Image Source: plants.ces.ncsu.edu

The Ice plant is resistant to drought i.e. it requires very little water, thrives in sunlight and requires soil which is well-drained. Its fluorescent pink flowers look amazing in summer. However, it cannot withstand traffic, so it has to be planted in areas of your garden where you don’t walk much. The leaves become reddish in winter and fall.


Moss can be used to make beautiful borders as it requires no mowing at all, leaving you with a lot of free time.

Chamaemelum nobile or Roman Chamomile

Image Source: seedman.com

It’s pretty groundcover has a sweet apple fragrance and is quite low maintenance. This cover prefers the sun, but it also grows in part shade or in soil that is well-drained throughout the year.

Groundcovers are the perfect alternative to grass which needs to be mowed regularly. They look pretty and are easily maintained (no more mowing!).You can choose from the wide variety available, according to the style of your garden, water and sun conditions, as well as the foot traffic in your garden.