HALUZ Rocking Chair by Studio Vacek

It’s time to welcome fall into your home with style this year. And one quintessential addition to your home that is going to help you do that is the new collection from Studio Vacek. Called the Haluz Collection, it features a rocking chair and a bench. But what sets these apart from the standard rocking chairs and benches you see out there are the exemplary design and craftiness that each of these pieces showcase.

Design Features

HALUZ Rocking Chair 4

The Haluz rocking chair is made out solid ash wood which makes up the frame of the chair. The inside of the chair is crafted using willow branches that are tightly packed together in between the frames to create a rustic and yet, sturdy seating option for users.

The chair takes its design inspiration from classic Scandinavian design principles. It follows a clean and simple silhouette that adds to the charm of the design. The clean and straight lines unite seamlessly with the wild, impenetrable willow branches. The willow branches tucked in neatly in between the frames lend a unique look to each chair. The use of natural wood also allows for the Haluz chair to be an eco-friendly option that would appeal to those following the ‘Go Green’ movement.

Additional Highlights

HALUZ Rocking Chair 3

One of the main highlights of the Haluz Rocking Chair is its amazing adaptability as well as the ease with which it blends in with other items in any space, be it indoors or outdoors. The classy rocking chair can be custom crafted as per your specifications, and would be the best addition to those chilly outdoor parties. The sophisticated rustic style of the chair also makes it a great addition to any contemporary home. It would bring in the much needed visual contrast in a room otherwise dominated by wood, glass or stone.

Haluz Bench

HALUZ Rocking Chair 2

The Haluz Rocking Chair is complemented by the Haluz bench which features the same design principles as the former. The additional seating option provided by the bench would be a great asset for your outdoor parties during spring and summer. Together with the Haluz Rocking Chair, the bench will complete the Haluz Collection which will definitely make your home warm and welcome this fall.

The Haluz Collection is a new furniture range launched by Vacek Studio. The inspiring collection features a rocking chair and bench made out of raw ash wood and sturdy willow branches. The collection will definitely make a great addition to any outdoor fall party for sure.

Source : Behance.Net

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