Happy Feet Shoe Cleaner and Deodorizer is a boon for people with smelly shoes

The stench of dirty, sweat soaked shoes is a turn off unlike
any other in the whole world. Unlike a smelly mouth that can be cured with a
quick gargle of a mouth wash, chewing on gum or breath mints or a mouth freshening
spray or a smelly armpit that can be masked with a deo spray, smelly feet are
harder to hide especially if the stench is emerging from your dirty shoes.

However, shoes are rather hard to clean and even harder to deodorize.
No matter how much detergent you soak your dirty shoes in, there will always be
traces of the sweaty odor left behind in them especially if the sweat in the inner
lining has been allowed to dry up. But that doesn’t mean that you should simply
throw out your stinky shoes after every use and make no attempt to clean them
up for future use. In fact, the latest design concept by designers Jong-hyun
Kim and Sang-hoon Park is one such product that is aimed solely at cleaning and
deodorizing smelly, hard to clean sports shoes.

Dubbed Happy Feet, the shoe cleaner and deodorizer system is
designed to clean the insides of stinky sneakers with ease though you might
still have to wipe the exterior of your dirty shoes with cloth and soap water
to get a perfectly clean shoe. The system is created to clean and deodorize the
inner part of the shoe that is the hardest to maintain through usual means. The
device is designed to clean up to four pairs of sneakers at a time which makes
it ideal for sportspersons and large families alike. The designers have not specified
how the product would work exactly and what it would cost though we totally see
it hitting stores in the near future.

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