High Tech Gadgets to Reduce Your Household Work

Household gadgets are evolving continuously and becoming more user-friendly with the passing years. The scientists and researchers are working with new kinds of technologies and turning them into wonderful gadgets and devices for homemakers. They have devoted their lives in making technology a part of our daily life.

 Nest Thermostat

The new gadgets vary in nature and make our household responsibilities lighter than ever before. Some gadgets help you in cooking delicious food faster and others help in cleaning difficult areas. There are gadgets for performing every small and big chore. In the following, you will find the most useful and newest gadgets for household chores.

 The Dismount Washer

The Dismount Washer:

Designed by Electrolux, the Dismount washer is a wonder machine for making household washing simpler. This device is portable and you can carry it around easily. It takes very small space in your home, as you can mount it on the wall. The Dismount Washer has an energy stick. The energy stick can revolve the clothes and wash them until they are clean. This innovative design became one of the finalists of the Electrolux Design Lab Competition.

 iRobot Roomba 880

iRobot Roomba 880:

If you hate cleaning the home yet dislike the dust and dirt get the iRobot Roomba 880 for your household dusting. This automated robot roams around the house and sucks all the dirt and bacteria from the carpets and floors. The 880 model has a HEPA filter for sucking up the allergenic particles.

 Dolphin Supreme M5 Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Supreme M5 Pool Cleaner:

You built a swimming pool spending huge amount of money hoping to get some relaxation at home, but now you have found out that pools need regular cleaning. If this is the case then get the Dolphin Supreme M5 Pool Cleaner. Users can be control it with a remote or can pre-program it to work on a particular cleaning schedule. This awesome machine will vacuum, clean and scrub the pool while you sip cocktails by the side.

 Nest Thermostat_1

Nest Thermostat:

Often called the iPod of thermostats because of its tiny size and maker, Nest Thermostat can adjust to your habits and recognizes your necessities. The maker of the Nest Thermostat also designed the iPod for Apple. It will follow your daily routines and turn on or off the air conditioner or heater accordingly. It has a motion sensor, so when you are away it will save energy by turning the heating system down. You can control this device from faraway with the help of its iOS app and a Wi-Fi system at home. It will cost you around $249.

 Logitech Alert 750n Indoor Master System

Logitech Alert 750n Indoor Master System:

This is a high tech video security system, which offers wide-angle views for extra security to the homeowners. With so many armed robbery incidents occurring everywhere, securing our home premises has become an absolute necessity. This security system creates a network within and around your home and alerts you on noticing suspicious motion inside or outside the home. You can add as many cameras as you like. The system will notify you through e-mails or text messages. You can also remotely watch the goings on inside and around your home.

 Bissell Spotbot Pet Deep Cleaner

Bissell Spotbot Pet Deep Cleaner:

This one is your magic wand if there are small kids and pets in your home that are in the habit of dirtying the rugs and carpets. Place the Spotbot on top of the stain and press its button to see the magic. It will work on the spot on its own and remove it. There are two different settings for fresh stains and old stains.


There are many wonderful gadgets and devices available in the market to help us in household chores. Choose devices that suit your budget and necessities.

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