Holdaplate frees your hands up for more interesting pursuits

Trying to eat and socialize at a party with a buffet takes
years of experience. you have to strategically pick out the perfect spot in the
room so that you can easily put your drink down when you need to eat off your
plate or text, shake hands or scratch your eyebrow and you also have to stay
close to the napkin/tissue station to ensure that you can easily wipe your
hands when you are socializing while trying to eat.

For years, social butterflies have tried to find numerous
ways to overcome the awkward situation of trying to have a meal and being
polite to fellow party goers with a drink in one hand and a plateful of food in
the other. 

However, designer John Zox has come up with a more graceful solution
to the tricky problem in the guise of the all new Holdaplate cocktail party

Offered in molded fiber, plastic and porcelain, the innovative
utensils are designed specifically for buffets and cocktail parties where a lot
of people need to eat their snacks standing up and there often aren’t enough shelves
and flat surfaces for people to place their plates and drinks on to shake hands
with someone or to attend a phone call.

The plate comes with a special recess on one side that is
designed to allow the plate to be supported easily by the users’ fingers alone. 

The plate needs to be held just like one holds a piece of paper between their
index and middle fingers. 

This allows users to hold their snack plates and
drink in one hand while the other hand becomes free to carry on other pursuits. Holdaplates are retailed in sets of six in the $10-$20 price range.

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