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Home management network that consists of nine new products

securitas direct home management network philips

Philips design is about to launch Securitas Direct’s Home management network, which consists of nine new products. These nine products can either be installed in its entirety or individually, all depending on the home’s requirements. The real innovation lies in the fact that at the center of every network is the central control unit. It not only provides a safe and a simple way to stay in contact with security services, but also a capacity to send and receive messages, as the central control has a unique GSM capacity.

It also creates a central point for other network devices to connect to. It is similar to giving mobile phone to your home. The system not only lets you know about the problem, but also calls for help when you are not home. According to Andrew Hartman, there is nothing like it on the market yet. It is much more than a security system. It makes your home self-aware, monitoring activities and even taking appropriate action.