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Host the best Glow in the dark party with these ideas


Hosting a party is fun; it gives us a chance to bond with our friends and family, and at the same time it gives us a break from our regular schedule. Planning a party can also be a lot of fun since you get the chance to be creative and to come up with a theme that adds a spark. If the party is for kids, it gets a little challenging, as you have to decide what kind of theme you would want to go with. One theme that will be a lot of fun would be a glow in the dark concept. Here are a few ideas that can help you make this theme a hit.

The accessories you need


For the glow in the dark concept, you can get special neon paints, which you can use for your decorations. These paints are not only perfect for decorative purposes; however, they are also eco friendly and non-toxin. You can use them on the body to create your very own temporary tattoo. Apart from that, you can even make your own decorations.

Decorations that Glow in the dark

Another good idea would be to use decorations that glow in dark. You can place them across the room as well as on the table and chairs. Right from streamers to balloons and even party caps and other such fun decorative items, anything can be a part of the decorations.

Clothing that suits the concept

For your party to have a better feel, ask your guests to wear clothing that glows in the dark. Another good idea would be to get them to wear neon or white colored clothing. Keep a stock of a few fun accessories that the guests can wear during the party and can take home as mementos. Even if your guests do not wear glow in the dark clothes, you can get them to wear funky hats, jewellery, and neon colored glasses and other such fun things that add to the mood of the party.

Create a mood all around

Since you are planning to have a glow in the dark theme, another good idea would be to create a mood all around the space. You can decorate the washroom so that it blends in with the party theme. You can spray the walls with some glow in the dark paint and turn the lights off. You can also put some glasses with special glow in the dark solution to decorate your sink. Hang glow sticks and streamers across the bathroom to double the fun.

Blend in the Foods and drinks


From the cake to the food and even the drinks, all of them can blend in well with the glow in the dark concept. You have special food coloring that gives you this touch. It is safe to eat so you do not have to worry about any health problems. You can get a special glow in the dark cake and other such fun food in different shapes and sizes.

Toys and games

Since you are hosting a party, it is natural that you will have some toys and games. Well, even the toys and games can have that special touch to suit your theme. You can have games like a dartboard, musical chairs, indoor basketball etc.

Other ways to make the party interesting

Since this is the glow in the dark part concept, the other ways to make this concept interesting and fun is to have various types of stickers or wall hangings that can stick to the wall. You can turn off all the lights and add neon lights or to bring in the effect of the whole glow in the dark concept. Even the party accessories like the plates, glasses, forks, spoons etc can all blend in well with the glow in the dark concept.

Return gifts or thank you bags


Return gifts or thank you bags can contain many goodies like chocolates, small figurines or toys. You can even allow the guests to take home what they are wearing. While choosing the bags, you can opt for the neon colored bags, as they will provide a great blend to your party scheme. If you want to personalize it, you can use glow in the dark pens to write the names of the guests, and hand them to those that leave. You can also give these bags the minute your guests enter the party so that they have everything to wear and to take along with them.

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