Say good-bye to water leakage with these smart leak detectors

We all know that when there is water damage in the house, it can be disastrous. Even the moisture content in the air can result in the formation of mold, which is dangerous for our health. Apart from the health and safety concerns, damages caused by water can be expensive and heart breaking. We spend our time, money and energy in investing on things that will make our homes beautiful.

When there is a water leak, it can become a major cause of concern as it can also result in a pipe burst, because of which we are forced to change the complete pipe instead of just getting a small portion fixed. Well now, thanks to smart home products, you get to know whenever there is a leak in your house and you can fix it before it gets worst. Here are a few leak detectors that can do the trick for you.

Fibaro Flood Sensor

For the price of $59, this smart home product is equipped with a light, siren and temperature sensor. It can be wireless or wired depending on the model you choose and it comes with the Z-Wave technology. The Fibaro Flood Sensor is not only easy to install but it can also be used with the present alarm system that you have installed in your house.

Honeywell Lyric Wi-Fi Water Leak and Freeze Detector

Another perfect home automation product that comes with a specially designed app, the Honeywell Lyric Wi-Fi Water Leak and Freeze Detector costs $79.99 and is ideal if you want to prevent water leakage. This smart home product will send you alerts on your mobile the minute it detects a leak in the house. This is not only reliable, but it is also designed with a built in alarm system that goes off when there is a problem. Apart from detecting water leaks, it also reads the humidity and temperature levels of the air.

LeakSMART Sensor

If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, then the LeakSMART Sensor is the right product for you. Compatible with the Wink Hub 2, this smart home product’s battery compartment comes with a watertight seal.  Although you may not get push notifications on your smartphone, but in case of any problem, you can be notified via an SMS or an E- mail.

SmartSense Moisture Sensor

If you are presently using the SmarThings hub, then the SmartSense Moisture sensor is compatible with the hub. For the price of $40, you get two moister sensors as a package deal. You can place one near the water header and the other under the sink. The setup process is very simple and sends you a notification the minute there is a water leak.

Utilitech Wireless Water Leak Detector

Compatible with any hub that uses the Z-Wave technology, this smart home product is both pocket friendly and handy. For a price of $29.99, the Utilitech Wireless Water Leak Detector has to be placed on a vertical surface.  The best thing is that you can install multiple detectors at various places and set them all up to your hub easily. The Utilitech Water Leak Detector is ideal for those who have the Lowe’s Iris system. Along with the unit, you also get three AAA batteries and a long cord that is three foot in length.

D-Link DCH-S160 Wi-Fi Water Sensor

Although this smart home product does not come with a battery backup option, it is still worth considering. This is ideal if you want to detect water leakage from your water heaters or any other such appliance. It is not meant for floods or burst pipes so you may have to really plan well if you are planning to get this smart home product for yourself.


Compatible with the Nest thermostat, the Wally system has the ability to detect the humidity, temperature and moisture content. This smart home product lets you know when the moisture is building up in the air. This will help in the prevention of mold formation.  Nest thermostat along with the Wally hub comes for only $299. If you want any additional sensor, you can get for a nominal price of $35 additionally and set it up to the hub.

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