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How to clean leather furniture

Leather furniture is very comfortable and lustrous. In order to maintain this luster for a long time, consistent care and occasional cleaning are required. While, proper cleaning is critical to prevent it from cracking and drying out, periodic cleaning and conditioning will increase the durability and life of a leather furniture.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Resources Required:

1.Leather cleaning kit
2.Vacuum cleaner
3.Distilled water
4.Mild moisturizing soap
5.Soft rags or soft towels
6.Cleaning cloths


Step 1: Weekly cleaning is required for leather furniture. Vacuum clean or dust it weekly.
Step 2: Clean it with a damp cloth on a regular basis. Use distilled water for this purpose.
Step 3: You must know the type of leather of your furniture so that you can buy the cleaning kits accordingly. Aniline leather requires saddle soap or mild moisturizing soap and a conditioner. For nubuck leather and suede, special cleaning agent is required.
Step 4: Rub the cleaner vigorously in circular or swirling motion.
Step 5: Dry the furniture with soft and dry towel. Buff it several times.
Step 6: When cleaning is done, apply the conditioner. Take conditioner on a soft cloth and wipe the entire surface of the furniture.

Quick tips:

1. Clean your leather furniture at least once a season.
2.Learn how to take proper care of nubuck and suede leather in order to prevent it from damaging.
3.Cleaning agent should be applied on a small hidden area first, to check its suitability.

Things to watch out for:

1.Clean leather furniture regularly to prevent it from rotting, cracking, and drying out.
2.Never use chemical cleansers.
3.Try to avoid use of ammonia water, varnish, or furniture polish oil.
4.Never saturate the furniture.
5.Never rinse leather furniture after cleansing.