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How to Get More Followers and Likes on Instagram as Interior Designer

Get More Followers and Likes on Instagram as Interior Designer

Interior design is an aesthetically appealing visual field. It has a great scope of widening the follower or audience base or even client base, as interior designers can post examples of their work. Instagram, with its billions of users is perhaps the best marketing option for you as an interior designer. How can you grow your follower base with free Instagram followers to reach the most number of people? Let’s take a look.

 What is GetInsta?

GetInsta is an appGetInsta is an app which has been deemed as one of the most trustworthy apps to gain free followers for Instagram accounts. The app is very easy to use, has no security or privacy issues. Your identity will be kept secret from other users.

GetInsta has a wide reach as it is available in a whopping sixteen languages. You can be based anywhere in the world and reach out to the target audience of your choice, in a language that you want to.

All you have to do is download the app, sign up and start getting followers as well as likes for free! 

How GetInsta works

Once you download GetInsta, you have to sign up, then login. You will immediately receive coins with which you can buy followers and likes with the GetInsta coins. The results in the increase in followers can be seen within a very short time. You can keep doing the tasks that the app suggests to get more coins and thus get more free followers and likes.

Try out the 1000 free Instagram followers trial and you would undoubtedly be happy with the results. This app is free for an unlimited period of time.

With GetInsta, you will get high quality accounts as followers, which are real people and not bots. As your following grows organically, your followers will keep rising steadily, without Instagram’s algorithm wiping them out. Instagram updates its algorithm to weed out low quality accounts as well as bots. So when you use GetInsta, you never have to worry about this. 

Tips for interior designers to leverage Instagram

interior designers to leverage Instagram1. Post attractive content

As a designer, you already have a good eye for aesthetics. Click great visuals of your work, along so that your followers are interested in it. For example, you can tweak photos to appeal to the younger generation of beautiful spaces in small apartments.

The content should be of use to your following, as well as visually pleasing, and of high quality. If you want to promote your account to get new customers, it is best to avoid photos of cute cats or puppies. There is a way to do that too, especially if you have converted a small corner into a smart space for pets.

Try to follow the same theme or color palette on your posts as it looks well on the grid. The posts should not look out of place, but should mesh well with each other.

2. Use locations tags and hashtags wisely

If you focus on a particular location for work, then location tags will help you reach a huge, local audience. This will showcase your work to potential clients and also helps your post to show up on Explore page for the location.

Hashtags should be used in a clever way – use general tags such as #InteriorDesign, #InteriorDesigner, #minimalism, #ultramodern etc which gives an idea of the design style you follow. Separate the hashtags from the captions using bullet points or spaces. Or put them in a comment.

Hashtags enable your posts to be displayed on the topics for those hashtags where your customers and followers can find you. Set your profile to public so that you can get free instagram followers through GetInsta and otherwise also.

3. Engage with followers

In order to increase your following, you should engage with the people who follow you. If a user visits your page, he or she will notice that you engage with your followers and reply to their queries and comments. This makes a new visitor more inclined to leave a like and follow you.

Create posts which are inspiring and informative. Use Instagram as the most effective free marketing tool available to you, and grow your reputation as well as client base steadily.

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