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How to Maximise Floor Space in Your Bedroom

When you’re trying to create your dream bedroom, it’s easy to get caught up in the fantasy, only to be brought cruelly back to earth by the constraints of the space you’re working with. How will you ever achieve that chic minimalist style when there’s nowhere for your laundry basket to go, or create a light and airy feel when you have so much necessary clutter? We can’t redesign your room for you, but we can offer some useful tips for maximising your floor space and making your whole bedroom feel bigger.

Pick furniture with a small footprint

You’ll be amazed at how much more wasted room you’ll reclaim if you buy furniture that’s taller than it is wide. A blanket chest or a wide drawer unit will cut off swathes of useful floor and wall space, but a narrow chest of drawers will tuck neatly into a corner, leave you enough space to fit another small item of furniture (or simply enjoy having a bit of extra floor) and still give you plenty of storage for your clothes.


Choose off-the-ground storage

Use walls and doors to your advantage. Don’t really have room for a big laundry basket? Pick a cloth laundry bag you can hang from the back of your door, or more discreetly from a hook inside your wardrobe. Consider installing wall-mounted shelves (some beautiful inspiration can be found here) instead of buying a solid bookshelf, so you don’t have furniture lining every skirting board. Wall-mounting items can make a fantastic display too: if you’re a rock god in your spare time, get rid of your bulky guitar floor-stands and make a feature wall with your instruments!

Consider your bed

Beds are the trickiest customer: they’re almost always the most bulky piece of furniture in a bedroom, and it’s hard to make them take up any less space than they already do. However, losing a couple of inches from each side of your bed is possible by a few means: a wire or metal bed frame takes up much less room than a heavy solid wood surround, as well as providing a pretty vintage look. If space is really tight, you could always consider the option of losing a few inches: a small double bed, like these from Bedz R Us, is around six inches narrower than a standard double, so it will take up less space without impinging on your comfort.


Use multipurpose furniture

Don’t double up! Multipurpose furniture is a great space-saver, as it will stop you needing to buy more furniture to fulfil the functions your current items do not. Instead of choosing a dedicated dressing table, pick a pretty chest of drawers with enough space on top to accommodate your things. Beds with built-in storage are much more useful than those which are almost flush to the ground; and some wardrobes contain a built-in shoe rack.

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