Ideas and tips for choosing the ideal kitchen cabinet

Storage space is a vital part to make your kitchen functional and organized. Custom kitchen cabinets are the ideal storage spaces that help homeowners in storing their appliances, cutleries and cooking utensils. You can build storage spaces on the wall and beneath the kitchen table. Some kitchen islands come built-in with cabinets and storage spaces.

If you’re looking for functionality, install larger custom kitchen cabinets to store large goods such as vacuum cleaners and cookware. Why not have some door-less cupboards that can be used as extra storage for books? Paying extra attention to these details will keep potential buyers happy.

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Choosing the right material and color for your kitchen cabinets is necessary to ensure an attractive look and durability. However, with different types of kitchen cabinets available both online and offline, it is difficult to determine what type of cabinet is perfect for your kitchen. Here Dr Prem and team has listed some simple yet effective tips to help you choose the right cabinets for your kitchen.

Think about the style you prefer

Fireproofing your kitchen cabinets

The kitchen cabinets you purchase have to match the rest of your home’s décor and suit your personal taste. These days you can have a variety of kitchen cabinets in the market and pick the right one that suite your space (kitchen) or style. Cherry wood is a much-preferred choice, as it offers a lovely dark finish. If you want something unique, then opt for mahogany, bamboo or Sapele.

Both stained and lacquered finish looks good on these materials. Some homeowners still like the glazed finish, but you may try a more natural and elegant style. Textured kitchen cabinets with wood grain visible beneath opaque finish looks great. Brushed nickel hardware goes well with wood cabinets of different colors. Stained finish is also popular among modern homeowners.

Don’t compromise with the material

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Homeowners are becoming increasingly precise about the material of their kitchen cabinets. Most try to avoid commonplace materials like melamine and particleboard. Plywood is still a common choice, as it is durable in the kitchen environment. Try to purchase kitchen cabinets made with low VOC materials.

Such materials are less harmful and toxic for domestic usage than other available materials. Quality kitchen cabinets can be a good investment, as they look superior and enhance the value of your property.

Find cabinets with extra storage space

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Homeowners should always buy kitchen cabinets that provide sufficient storage to remove all the clutter from the kitchen counter. At present, your family consists of two members but in future, the number of your family members will definitely increase.

You will need more space for storing the utensils and cutlery, apart from other kitchen essentials. Frameless cabinets offer more space and better access and thus, help you save time in the kitchen. Get over travel slide drawers for the cabinets, because these drawers are easy to explore and obtain the cooking stuff.

Look for quality kitchen cabinets

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Most good quality cabinets have features like dovetailed drawers, full extension drawers and soft close system on both drawers and doors. You may also opt for touch less cabinets to add luxury to your kitchen. Above all, you should consider your budget and choose material, design and features of kitchen cabinets accordingly.

Being on trend is necessary as well

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If you want your kitchen cabinets to look stylish and classy, you have to bear the latest trends in mind to get the right one. The look of your kitchen depends a lot on the style and color of your kitchen cabinets. In an all white kitchen, colorful red or green cabinets look wonderful. You can also try white or shades of white in a pastel colored kitchen. The aim is to create contrast and a nice focal point. Also, try to match the wall cabinets in your kitchen to the island.

Kitchen cabinets have to be both stylish and functional. For this, you must invest in good quality material and user-friendly designs. Choose a kitchen cabinet that fits your budget and offers plenty of storage space.

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