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Ideas to find that suitable pendant light for your home

Pendant lights are also known as drops and suspenders. They are the perfect alternative of ornate and costly chandeliers. Pendant lights are generally used in the dining area and the kitchen. Kitchens are used throughout the day for purposes other than cooking. Urban homeowners spend their time in the kitchen or the adjoined area relaxing, lounging, calculating home budgets or helping the kids with their homework. That’s why it is necessary to illuminate this area properly.


The pendant lights look stylish and come in different shapes and size. If you are also planning to get some pendant lights for your kitchen then first evaluate the existing décor. The pendant lights should enhance the décor but not overpower it. In the following some useful tips have been discussed to help you select pendant lights.

Find the right place

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There is no reason to limit the use of pendant lights to the kitchen and dining area. Find out places where some unique pendant lights will look good around your house. You can also use orb like pendant lights in a particular part of the sitting area. They will accentuate the beauty of the living space and offer much needed illumination. You can either hang the pendant lights at equal distances or bunch them together at a specific zone to create a mesmerizing look.

In the kitchen, you can hang the pendant lights just above the kitchen counter or the dining table. The pendant lights are also being used in home offices. They can bring out a truly professional look and elevate the dignity of the home office up a few notches. The pendant lights offer necessary illumination for you to work comfortably and without straining your eyes.

Set the right mood with pendant lighting

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Lights always help in creating ambience. The color of lights can change the mood of the dwellers. Pendant lights can be innovatively used for improving or changing the mood of your interiors. You can hang the pendant lights from the ceiling of the bathroom for giving it a surreal and dreamy look.

These lights can also be used in narrow and long passages. To give a swift makeover to your home décor use an ornate bunch of pendant lights and hangs them from the ceiling so that they illuminate parts of the staircase and can be seen from the second floor as well as the first floor.

Determine the ideal hanging height


The ideal height of hanging the pendant lights is 66 inches above the floor level. Make sure that your eye level and the ends of the pendant lights are not to close. The pendant lights should end above your eye level. You may adjust the height of hanging the lights according to your convenience.

Some popular pendant light styles

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If you have a big dining table, you will need a pendant light which can spread illumination over a bigger area. Buy oversized pendant lights for hanging on top of the dining table. Rectangular pendant lights are chic and stylish options for huge dining tables. Buy a rectangular pendant light covered with glass oysters for the soft and elegant illumination you need.

Several manufacturers are now offering clusters of pendant lights as a part of a single fixture. The flower pendants are also popular due to their capability of creating a style statement in limited space. Don’t hesitate to mix and match the materials. Crystals can be paired with jute and metal pendant lights.


Pendant lights can help you in improvising the décor of your rooms. You can use these lights in different parts of the home for creating a dramatic effect.

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