Ideas That Will Land You a Beautiful Garden This Spring

Beautiful Garden

The snow has nearly thawed out and the first signs of greenery are starting to appear. This is a clear indication that spring in around the corner. And it is a clear indication that you start tending to the garden you were forced to neglect all winter. Here are some simple ideas that can transform your garden into an Eden this spring season.

Take inventory of what you already have and what you need

This is a very important step to start off on your gardening project. Take a quick stock of all the items you have for the garden as well as the items you will need to buy. Make a list of the items that need to be replaced as well as the items that could be reused or repurposed. Ensure that when you head out to the shop, you do so only with a list that contains the ‘must have’ items. This will help you save costs in the process.

Do a spring clean

Take some time out to do a spring clean around the garden. Cut down to scale tall growing plants, remove weeds and deadhead early spring flowers, leaving the foliage alone to die back naturally. You will be surprised as to how beautiful the garden looks with a little tidying up.

Create shade zones

Although we would love to step out into the sun after winter, too much exposure is not good for health. The perfect solution that will combine outdoor space with comfort is the creation of shade with the help of curtains, patio umbrellas, pergolas and even sun sails strung between the tree canopies.

Give food for the bees

Bees as well as other pollinating insects will be working nonstop throughout spring and summer. This is the time to plant bee-friendly flowers that produce a lot of nectar and pollen. Ensure to keep these plants in bloom till late summer so as to enable the bees to carry out their tasks uninterrupted while they help you do your bit to save the ecosystem in the process.

Decorate the driveway

What better way to welcome guests to your home than a flowery welcome thought out by carefully planted shrubs along the length of the driveway? While rose bushes are pretty common choices for the area, you can experiment with several other plants which will make your driveway look absolutely mesmerizing.

Bring in light with DIY projects

Forget the state of the art lighting fixtures that can cost your hundreds of dollars to set up and maintain. Instead, opt for simpler, smaller and more energy efficient lighting options via string lights, LED lamps which you can install yourself. For instance, draping the trees with a string of light bulbs can provide a fairy tale effect while solar powered LED lights can be used to illuminated seating areas and walkways. Solar powered spotlights can be used to highlight the entire garden for outdoor parties.

Build a fire pit

Many homeowners think that designing and building a fire pit in the garden can take up a lot of time, effort and money. In sharp contrast to this, a fire pit can be easily built in your backyard with the use of inexpensive materials. A fire pit can play host to a lot of outdoor parties irrespective of temperature drops. It will also add a focal point of interest to the yard. You can also choose to cover the fire pit with an iron coffee table until the time comes for the s’mores to be cooked. So if you have not thought about setting up a fire pit in your garden, do it this year.


With spring fast approaching us, the time has come to tend to the garden and make it ready for the warm months. With the help of a few simple tips, you can make our garden spring ready in no time at all.

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