If you have broccoli, then your fridge will tell you a recipe for it

smart fridge 1

Designed by Ashley Legg smart fridge is smart indeed. In fact, it might be the smartest thing around, as it not only keeps your stuff, but also helps you to make perfect meals by belting out one instruction after the another. Well, giving instructions is just the tip of the iceberg, in order to give you these instructions, it belts out a recipe according to the things that are in your fridge. There is a touch screen mounted on the door of the fridge, which lets you enter the things in it and delete them according to their usage. This entry and deleting of things lets you create an inventory of things that are inside.

It uses an electrochromic window and a touch sensor to transform the door into an interface, which lets you interact with it by entering, deleting and selecting recipes. Consequently, based on the things left inside, the fridge comes up with an entire menu from which you may choose what to cook and also spoken step-by-step instructions. Now, that is what I call a talking fridge.
smart fridge 2

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Via: Dvice/Yanko Design

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