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Ingenius fairypot garden ideas for your frontyard

A house with a beautiful garden pot at every corner makes for a perfect home. Everyone decorates their home with fine furnishings and elegant wallpapers along with favorable lightning. But having an attractive garden pot can easily be the first thing that is noticed by outsiders. Today, themed garden pots are very much in trend with fairy gardens being one of the most sought after garden pot themes used by people. Fairy garden pot not only attracts attention from the guests, but also helps the parents to enjoy a perfect evening and playtime with their children.

Everyone reads fairy tale stories to their kids such as Peter Pan, Rapunzel, Snowwhite, etc and with these fairy themed garden pots, you can actually make your children live those tales. Thus, we have brought you some of the finest fairy pot garden ideas that you can do yourself without much expense. You can easily make a tiny and elegant fairy pot garden, even if you have broken pot plant. All it needs is a little bit of creativity and carefulness. In order to develop a gorgeous fairy garden pot, you will require certain things such as, a container, broken pot, soil, moss, plants, craft drill, potsherds and a hammer. Below are provided some handpicked and innovative DIY fairy pot ideas for your garden.

  1. Broken clay pot fairy garden:

    An easy way to bring life to your broken garden pot is by designing it carefully using clay at different levels as shown in the picture. Put soil in the middle and place cautiously broken piece of pot to create a ladder like formation. Plant flowers and water them regularly.Place it at your entrance to catch the eyes of the kids and guest.
  2. Circus themed fairy garden:
    Circus amuses people of all ages and that is why it is one of the most popular fairy pot garden ideas. You can easily create it using your plant pot by adding some small circus toys placed with caution so that it doesn’t hurt the plant.
  3. Tree house fairy pot:

    Tree house has always been a common setting in many fairy tales, and you can also choose this theme for your garden pot. You will need to develop a small door with tiny wooden chairs and place it around the tree in your backyard.
  4. Old drawer fairy garden:
    You can also make a fairy garden pot using your old drawer. Recycle your useless drawer to create a beautiful looking garden pot.
  5. Pinecone Fairy garden house:

    You can also take a more creative approach by using pine cone with favorable flowers to develop a sea themed fairy garden house.
  1. Wash tub fairy garden:
    If you wish to make a big garden, you can use your old wash tub and grow mini trees, plants, mushrooms and flowers to create a big fairy world with your kids.
  2. Twinkling garden pot:

    An incredibly brilliant and one of the most sought after DIY fairy pot ideas for your garden is twinkling garden which can be developed using led lights and planting colorful flowers and vegetables to give a more enchanting appearance.
  3. 3 tier woodland stand garden pot:
    A uniquely designed fairy garden pot with 3 different floors, attached using a wooden stick in between the leaves of the plant, with every floor comprising with tiny fairy items such as butterfly, chairs, etc. Place it at any part of your home for decoration.
  4. Tea cup fairy garden:

    Tiny and beautiful, this fairy garden pot can be made using an unused tea cup. Fill it with soil and place the plants, including some tiny fairy items. Place it over a tea plate to enhance its appearance.
  5. Kitchen fairy garden: Take a container and plant herbs in it using an essential quantity of soil. Place it carefully inside your unused kitchen appliance so that its growth doesn’t get affected. Place it in your kitchen to beautify its exterior.

With these eye-catching garden fairy pot ideas, you can give your home or backyard a unique and complimentary appearance that will be liked and acknowledged by your guests. Make sure to water them regularly so that they keep their elegance.