Interesting chandelier design ideas for Halloween you can make by yourself

The Witch hat inspired Chandelier design

Trick Or Treating is something that everybody looks out as Halloween approaches. People are busy preparing their costumes, decorating their homes and just getting into the mood in their own ways. Every house is decorated in different ways to blend in with the festival. Every street and building is lit up in the most beautiful manner to mark the onset of the festival.

From the gate to the front porch and even our living rooms and bedrooms; we decorate our space in the best way we can. While we emphasis on various parts of the house, we often miss out on one aspect and that is the chandelier. This year, instead of wasting money buying decorations; you can actually make them yourself. We have compiled a list of creative chandelier design ideas for Halloween that you can easily make at home.

Spiderweb chandelier design ideas for Halloween

Spiderweb chandelier design ideas for Halloween

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Since we are talking about Halloween inspired designs, one of the ways you can convert your decorate your chandelier is by opting for this idea. The Spiderweb chandelier design blends in perfectly with any Halloween based theme. In this idea, all you need are is a big roll of twine or white colored thread, some thin lines of cotton and differently sized spiders and other creepy insects like worms, flies etc.

How to get the look

First, make an outer frame over the chandelier using the twine or white colored thread. Then take the thin strands of cotton and gently place it over the twine to make give it the look of a spider web. Once you have made the design all you need to do is place the insects and the spiders and your Halloween inspired theme is ready.

Glow in the dark inspired creative Halloween chandelier designs

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Want to keep your Halloween theme alive even late at night? Well, the Glow in the dark concept will do the trick for you. Instead of going for the regular type of Halloween decorations, you can use neon based ones. This will not only keep your theme alive late at night but also save you money on your electricity bills.

How to get the look

While shopping for Halloween decorations and ornaments, choose the glow in the dark or neon colored ones. For the chandelier, you can make long strands of glow in the dark pipes or tubes in different colors. To make the creepy look, stick small black colored stickers of spiders, bats and other such creepy crawlies that signify Halloween.

The Witch hat inspired Chandelier design

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If you are looking for a traditional but modern chandelier design ideas in 2018 for Halloween; then you can give this idea a try. It has all the traditional elements of Halloween brought in with a twist. One of the best aspects of this design is that you do not have to waste too much of money. All you need is black cardboard paper (the number of cardboard paper will vary depending on how many witch hats you want to make). Another option is to use thread or black colored ribbons or even black paint

How to get the look

There are various designs and themes Halloween inspired chandelier designs online with the witch hat. The simplest concept is to make small witch hats and hang it on the chandelier. You can opt to cover the lights or just hang them on the chandelier.

The bats ornaments for Halloween

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The bats ornaments chandelier idea is something that you can easily do. In fact this is one of the most popular Halloween inspired chandelier designs online. For this concept all you need is a wire along with cut outs of bats. You can choose differently sized and styles to make your ornamental chandelier more interesting and fun.

How to get the look

Since this is a very easy DIY idea; all you need to do is hang the cut outs one below the other. You can decide the number of strings depending on the size of your chandelier. Another option is by hanging each individual bat cut out one by one on the chandelier itself.

Fetus position skeleton chandelier

Love to give your guests a spooky surprise? Then this idea will surely do the trick. The fetus position chandelier design ideas for Halloween are a true blend of creativity mixed with the spookiness. In this idea you would need skeletons that can be placed over your chandelier in a fetus position. Just make sure that while using this idea, you do not forget the nitty-gritty details.

How to get the look

Known to be one of the most creative Halloween chandelier designs; you can easily get the look by arranging the skeletons in a fetus position. All you have to do is place the skeleton on the chandelier to make it look like it’s holding the bar. The number of skeletons can range from 2 onwards based on how big you want the design to be. While choosing the size of the skeleton, it is advisable to take t proper measurements of the chandelier so that it fits perfectly.

Let the ghosts free – Simple and modern chandelier design ideas in 2018 for Halloween

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You can bring in a fun element while choosing chandelier design ideas for Halloween by going in for this idea. The best thing about this concept is that you do not have to invest any money. All you need is an old white, black buttons and black and white thread. This idea is so easy that you can even get the kids to make the ghost ornaments.

How to get the look

To make the ghost ornaments, all you have to do is cut the bed sheet into small pieces. The size of the pieces can vary depending on how many ghost ornaments you want to make. Then mark the center of the piece and attach a piece of thread for hanging purposes. You can stick the buttons to make it look like the eyes on one side. Hang these ornaments across your chandelier.

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