Eight interesting light bulbs to give a new dimension to home decor

The light drop

The same old round bulbs are boring when the world is inventing and creating novel things that leave us amazed and enthralled. Don’t be left behind when you choose new lighting for your house. Innovative designs, soft lighting and theme based concepts are the way to go. Some are aesthetic while others are quirky and most are attributed to the much talked about green movement. Let’s take a look at eight interesting light bulb designs.

1. Melting LED bulbs

Melting LED Bulbs

Aglow with a liquidy soft light, these Melting LED bulbs are absolutely mind blowing. This three piece bulb set is beautiful to look at and reminds you of space, especially when you take a closer look. The glass body of these bulbs is covered with tiny shiny speckles. This innovative design by Keita Ogawa also has a purposeful message; don’t waste electricity.

2. Slow glow bulb

Slow glow bulb

Filling up the entire room with brilliant radiance, the light emitted by this bulky and heavyweight bulb though bright is not harsh. The iridescence is soothing and mellifluous. Loaded with saturated soya oil, the light given out also has warmth. The oil in the bulb liquefies when light is switched on and hardens again once switched off. Brainchild of Next Architects and Aura Luiz Melis, it keeps the green cause and energy conservation in mind.

3. Pear-shaped lights

Pear-Shaped Lights

A fruity inspiration, this is a forethought of Nick Foley. Theses are mobile bulbs that charge up when connected to their stem or stand that is made out of hand-forged steel. After disconnecting from their branch, the bulb stays lit up for roughly an hour. So, use it as a torch along dark gulleys and in times of a power outage. The rechargeable batteries stay bonded to the power source due to the strong earth magnets. Each bulb has 10 bright LEDs to light up their surroundings.

4. Creative insight lamp

Creative Insight Lamp

A highly mechanized exterior, this one is from the Belarusian industrial design team of two namely, Igor and Maria Soloyov. They are popularly called as Solovyovdesign. This lighting fixture has been dubbed as the ‘insight lamp’ and is based on the classic joke of a lit up bulb representing an idea. It looks like a human brain and the design is quite industrial. Almost the size of an electric bulb, it is made as a fluorescent bulb by its creators.

5. You only live once lamp

You Only Live Once Lamp

A morbid design and surely an awkward idea to light up your home, this light bulb it quite different. It resembles a suicide knot and will send a chill down your spine. You can operate the bulb just like a hangman would handle a noose. Shorten the noose to turn off the bulb and elongate it for flashy light again. It reminds you that life is a gift to be cherished and to always look at the brighter side. The warning on the product reads that the bulb has a depressing affect on the elderly, so it is clear that this is a product for the young and restless.

6. Rise and shine lamp

Rise and Shine lamp

A tribute to the Edison’s light bulb, this clustered set looks neat and clean. This design is to commemorate the end of the light bulb era. In a short time, the light bulb will be completely banned from use. EU will be taking a step in this direction soon. Therefore, this design venerates the powerful rise of the light bulb and the brief time period for which it was used.

7. The light drop

The light drop

This will make you think about the need to conserve all natural resources like water and energy. The light emanating from the elongated water droplets falling down a tap will burnish the surrounding with bright luminosity. Twist the tap to strengthen the light and while doing this you will surely be reminded about saving the earth’s limited resources.

8. Estasi lamp

Estasi Lamp

This glow in the dark piece oozes out muted and gentle light all around. The bulb itself looks soft and velvety that is apt for a romantic setting. A big plus with this lamp is that it is really versatile, use it as a table lamp, floor lamp, indoors or outdoors. It is portable, take it along with you when you settle on your garden bench and read on the couch with the bulb at your side. Fabricated from Technogel immersed with LED light, this creation comes from Federico Delrosso who wanted to consecrate the entire history of lighting.

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