Kid’s Room furniture: five must-haves

Every kid should have a room of her or his own and once she or he is grown up or capable enough, make sure that you as a parent give enough rope to them for decorating their own room according to their individual taste.

However, if your kid is still at a tender age and the decision to choose furniture for your children depends solely upon you, make sure that you make some wise choices. Make no mistake that family members and your kid yourself will demand a lot, even if the sheer idea is of no use.

For example, your kid might just happen to be a fan of Ninja Turtles and ask you to get a bed shaped like the shell of a turtle. Worse still, your kid might want desk, which is shaped like Johnny Bravo’s hairs and all other, cool but admittedly stupid.

Kid's Room furniture

The Essentials

For the time being, you as a parent should really be concerned to see that your kids have at least the essentials in their rooms as far as the topic of furniture goes. The decoration is something which can be to some extent be consented by them, but do not let them manipulate you into buying a chair shaped like the dress of a fairy or whatever atrocities children of present times like.

A Bed

Start with choosing a bed. A bed is necessary because you would not want them to sleep in sleeping bags. Look for one, which is spacious enough, and in accordance with the age of your child. Purchasing very expensive and designers beds for kids is a mistake. In addition, yes, throw them a bone and purchase one, which can be jumped upon.

Other Necessities

A Study Table

If your kid has started school or studies, make sure that there is a good table and a chair along with a good night lamp.

Cabinet or Wardrobe

Next up, a cabinet or a chest of drawers is absolutely needed in order to keep their clothes and other sundry items of daily and special use.

It is advisable to keep a small showcase or a large padded table structure where your kids can store their toys and play with them, when they decide.

A Nightstand

A nightstand if of course very important; in order to give them a place for a soft bed light and of course water and other stuff.


A small stool or another chair just in case is a good idea too.

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