Kitchen Island tips to suit your aesthetics, space and budget

Kitchen island is something that speaks volumes of visual aesthetics and functionality. It looks beautiful and adds to the efficiency of a kitchen altogether. You can go for the custom or the prefabricated ones depending upon your choice and requirement. You can choose from a variety of designs and types that suit your budget and the kitchen space the best. Here are some tips that can help you have an ideal kitchen island:

Increase the counter space

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Go for a simple design but the one that could increase the amount of counter space in your kitchen. Try to give this additional counter space a different appearance by using a contrasting material to the one you have used in the rest of your kitchen. For instance, go for a kitchen island made of black or some dark stained wood if you have used white quarts for the regular countertops in the kitchen.

Create more seating

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If your small kitchen does not allow you to place a dining table, you must add more seating to the kitchen island. Add low-profile seating to the island, it will make your kitchen comfortable both for you and your guests. You can use the chairs while dining and tuck them beneath, which serves as an ideal space saving trick.

Choose a multi-level countertop

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A multi-level kitchen island is ideal for small kitchens, as the variation in height makes it even more functional. You can easily use a single island for different purposes, as in use the lower level as a stovetop or a sink, and the upper one as a dining space. This way, you can manage to have everything in your small kitchen.

Pick one with increased storage capacity

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A kitchen island not only adds to the counter space but to the storage capacity of a kitchen as well. You need to choose a design that has a good number of drawers, shelves and cupboards. You can store a number of utensils and appliances in the drawers, which you use occasionally. Some kitchen islands come equipped with fancy side racks that you can use to store wines and whiskey bottles or to put them on an interesting display.

Kitchen island designs that suit every space and budget

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Here are some of the designs you can consider, as they are both space and cost effective.

  • A mobile kitchen island

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Mobile kitchen islands suit best to small kitchens, as you can place them anywhere you feel suitable. This island you see in the picture is a mobile island whose wheels you cannot see, as they hide beneath the island’s base. Its space efficient design allows you to use it as a cute dining space for two and tuck a pair of stools when not in use.

  • A perfect addition to your cottage style kitchen

Kitchen Island (1)

A vintage table transformed into a kitchen island is looking beautiful and you can see it for yourself in the picture. The vintage table with its weathered surface is an ideal way to add a cottage charm to your kitchen. A black soapstone countertop has been added to the vintage table, and rest of the features has been left untouched.

  • Furniture inspired island

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To add a classic farmhouse vibe, you can add this furniture-inspired island to your kitchen. The exposed feet of the table show its resemblance with the old style furniture and a stainless steel countertop shows its modernity. A perfect kitchen island is a beautiful amalgamation of the old and the new styles of home decor elements.

A kitchen island serves many purposes. It adds beauty to a kitchen, increases its functionality and you can design it to suit ideally to your budget and small sized kitchen.

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