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Lavish toasters: Plain is so passe!

For years, kitchens have always had a device of sorts for toasting bread. From the huge handled metal pans (to hold bread) to the funky designs of today, toaster designing has seen good changes. When it comes to your trusty toaster to join the big scrap, you definitely would want an innovative one with some luxury features. Modern toasters come in all shapes and sizes. I have being seeing a lot of funky and fancy toasters lately, I don’t know why but I really like some of the designs. Here is a check list of some of the most unusually creative and lavish toaster designs you may want to consider.

Arrow toaster

Arrow toaster from Smart Design is perfect to get good breakfast for you.

Scan toaster

The Scan toaster is a cool toaster that can burn anything onto your morning slice, including the news. What actually it does is that when connected to a PC over USB and it downloads everything from local weather conditions and the present time to the morning news headlines.

Crystal encrusted toaster

Crystal encrusted toaster by Russell Hobbs is a cool toaster festooned with more than 200 Swarovski crystals and can be your for $300.00.

Toast One

Toast One is inventively cool toaster.


Watch the slice magically transform from cold and squishy to hot ‘n crispy!

Breville kettle cum toaster

Breville kettle cum toaster will give the pleasure of toast and tea at the same time.

Toaster teapot

Enjoy the pleasure of making toast in the teapot!

Reggeli toaster

When not in use it’s board can be used as a lid keeping the toaster clean.When needed, use the board as toast rack, cutting board, and butter board.

See through DT08 slide toaster

With See through DT08 slide toaster, you can see your toast which will help you in keeping a check.

Morphy Richards perfection 2 slice toaster

This will not burn your fingers while browning your bread.

Dyson toaster

Dyson toaster is also a see through toaster.

Egg and muffin toaster

This will also make you egg and muffin along with the toast.

Nahamer T450 toaster

The first environmentally sustainable toaster which is 20% faster and uses half the energy of a standard 900W toaster. The window of this toaster allows you to monitor the brownness of your toast and the Toast Drop system slides your toast straight onto a plate, ready to be eaten.

Bold new toaster

This toaster is bold in design.

Triplo by Craig Strangward

This is a split toaster for simultaneous baking.

Glide toaster

With this toaster, you can store the toast along the side.

Transparent toaster

This cool toaster using transparent heating glass technology helps you prepare the toast.

Trap door toaster

Now, you will not more get burnt breakfast.

Six part toaster

Six part toaster by Matt Gossington rotates and heats the toast in single compartments.

Ifrit toaster

Ifrit toaster by Chevy Ho has captivating design.

Trabo toaster

It’s one shiny toaster that allows you to toast your bread in style. Designed by Gae Aulenti, this cool toaster comes with a chrome finish, details in red, and the word ‘Toast’ written with embossed letters on the sides.

Print your toast

Print your toast by Othmar Mühlebach will make print outs of your toast.

Pea toaster

Pea toaster by Vyasateja Rao is convenient in use.

Trebuchet toaster

Trebuchet toaster is yet another sophisticated design from Ivo Vos’ Brunch Collection!

Digital image toaster

Zuse is a toaster designed to work as a traditional matrix printer. It burns simple images into the toast.

VHS toaster

It’s a DIY modified VHS video machine toaster that ejects toast instead of cassette.

Message toaster

It’s one innovative toaster by Sasha Tseng that incorporates a little message board where one can write quick notes that get toasted into the bread.

Skull toaster

How about eating the skull toast from this skull toaster.

Elegantly curvy toaster

Elegantly curvy toaster by Mika Becktor is yet a sophisticated design.

Frolic toaster

Frolic toaster by Debbie Hwei is not only unique in design, but also makes the process of making toast easier.

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