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Let Bloom engage your senses and forget stress

Designers Gary Lim and Albert Lee have presented Bloom as a way to combat stress. The design is intended to do wonders to relieve people of their stress. Bloom works on the principle- distraction is a way to relieve stress.

Stress buster that engages multiple senses

Bloom  2

Bloom is a smart design that has been shortlisted for the Lexus Design Award 2015. More than anything, the motive behind its creation is worthy of tremendous appreciation and respect. The lifestyle today has become so busy that makes so many people fall prey to depression. Stress and anxiety are the main culprits for several psychological and physical problems that plague the world. The designers have tried their best to help people get rid of these dangerous behavioral factors, at least temporarily.

Bloom is a device that distracts people and helps them forget all their stress and tensions temporarily. It engages a person’s multiple senses, thus relieving them off their stress for some time. It serves as a way to enable a person to regain the lost balance of mind. Such a gorgeous and extremely helpful design Bloom has, as it is an interactive flower. Powered by arduino, Bloom responds to the user’s breath.

State-of-the-art technology

Bloom consists of four parts- stalk, base, the flower head and the great technology. These four things enable Bloom to hack a person’s sense of sight, touch, smell, and the intangible senses such as curiosity, surprise and anticipation. All these senses of a person for sometime will concentrate upon Bloom, and he will forget all his woes for some time.

Fragrance to entice you

Bloom  4

The three different flower heads of Bloom serve three different purposes. They emit Rose, Jasmine, and Lavendar scent. All three scents have a different level of soothing, relaxing and a calming effect that they leave on a person. You can see some natural graphics sandblasted on the outside, they serve as additional layer of tactility and they capture light as well. The tapered stalks capture the light emitted from the head. The base of the Bloom houses electronics hidden beneath the soil so that you can use in different conditions.

Bloom is a smart device that engages your senses with its beautiful design and the sweet fragrance it emanates, and you tend to forget your stress for a while.

Source : Behance.Net

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