Indoor Lighting : Top 10 Styles Reviewed and Rated

Indoor lighting is an integral part of the aesthetics of home décor. The correct lighting fixtures can simply do wonders to the overall décor of the house. There are various types and styles of indoor lighting fixtures available in the market. However,

Interior Lighing: Top 10 Styles Reviewed and Rated

One of the most important but often overlooked part of interior designing is the interior lighting. Most people buy good furniture and gadgets along with best products for their homes but fail to notice that the interior lighting affects the whole aura of

Top 10 Styles of Ceiling Lighting Reviewed and Rated

The decor of any home depends a lot on the way the lighting of the rooms is done. Once Proper lighting of the rooms is done, the environment becomes more ambient. The light should not be too less or too much as both tend to make your guests uncomfortable.

Deck Lighting : Top 10 Styles Reviewed and Rated

Lighting is as equally important for the outdoor portion of the house you live in as the interior part. A properly illuminated deck area eliminates the possibility of fear and sense of lack of security when you wish to have a solitary leisurely stroll

Bedroom Lighting : Top 10 Styles Reviewed and Rated

It is extremely important to have adequate and pleasant lighting in our bedrooms. Since we have our own distinct style and taste, it is important we buy what suits our taste and what looks best in our interiors. For some, lighting should be sturdy where

Exterior Lighting: Top 10 Styles Reviewed and Rated

Exterior decorative lighting can make any entrance look decorative and colorful. There are many available in the market out of which you can choose the best one for your home reflecting your personality and style. Here are ten amazing exterior lighting fi

Emergency Lighting : Top 10 Styles Reviewed and Rated

An emergency light is the alternate lighting device during an electricity blackout. The emergency light is mostly battery backed and nowadays, there are also solar charged emergency lights. The early models of the emergency lighting fixtures were the glow

Solar Lighting : Top 10 Styles Reviewed and Rated

Having a fully self sufficient solar powered lamp in the garden is a great asset for all those who own a garden or a back yard which they wish to keep illuminated at night. there are various stylish, power efficient and durable solar lamps available in th

Garden Lighting : Top 10 Styles Reviewed and Rated

The garden lighting or the landscape lighting has many other aspects than just the illumination. The garden lighting is also meant for enhanced safety, accessibility and also for recreational elements along with the aesthetics of the private garden as wel


Landscape lighting is also known as garden lighting. These lights are used for illuminating public landscapes as well as private gardens. Landscape lighting fixtures are installed for enhancing the landscape, for providing nighttime aesthetics, safety, se

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