Patio Lights: 10 Best with Prices, Reviews and Ratings

Lighting does more than just brightening your home. It gives a true living experience, an extra level of security and decorates your home walls and ceilings like no other accessory. Patio lighting encourages you to spend more time outside at night. Variou

10 Creative light switches to enhance your home decor

When we talk about switches the normal picture that forms in our mind is of a square box that has been wedged with plastic buttons. The monotonous buttons are responsible for brightening up our places and giving our beloved dwellings a new life when dusk

Where can I get modern bathroom lighting ?

I am planning to install some modern lighting in my bathroom but not getting something reasonable. So I thought why not try to find some good one through online shopping. Please share the best web links related to the same. Price range is not an issue. Th

Four innovative lighting devices to transform your lifestyle

Fancy lighting has always drawn our attention, irrespective of how the electricity is derived. With the advent of technology, the reliability towards renewable sources of energy has come into play with great force. However, this does not stop us from expe

Five funny lamps that bring smile on your face

Lamps add an eloquent, subtle charm to our homes, serenading our walls and rooms with beautiful light. Being an indispensable part of any interior, they play an apt role in deciding the décor of our abodes. However, when we choose the designs, we always

10 Remote control lighting systems to ensure easy handling

The world is advancing toward automation. Even the home appliances are not lagging behind. Gone are those days, when you have to walk to the corner of your room to switch on and off your lights. This rapid development in lighting comfort is due to the m

10 energy-efficient LED desk lamps

With zoomed concerns over energy saving issues, LEDs have entered the market of Energy-efficient lighting. These brilliant little light sources are extraordinarily energy-efficient, emit very little heat, and can shine for approximately 20 years that’s 40

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