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LivingLights Lamps also provide you with fresh herbs for your kitchen

Designer Michael Oechsle has created a new kind of lamp that
will allow users to illuminate their homes while decorating them with freshness
inducing plants as well. Dubbed LivingLight, the product combines you regular
herb garden with a set of OLED lights that can be hung anywhere in the house to
provide ambient lighting as well as access to fresh herbs.

The suspended lighting system is basically a self powered
lamp that helps users create a beautiful interior décor system which is
completely self-sustained as well. The green patch creates an easy to maintain
micro garden while the minimalist lamps take care of your lighting needs.

The four paneled lamps are fitted with energy saving OLEDs
that are powered by a unique gravity-based system which allows the functioning
of the plant within to generate enough electricity to keep the lamps glowing without
the need for them to be plugged into a power outlet.

The LivingLight Lamps also feature a water reservoir on top
that only needs to be filled every once in a while so you don’t have to worry
about watering your plants every day. The electrolytes present in the moist soil
are more than sufficient to provide the lamps with the kind of electricity they
need to provide sufficient lighting through the zinc anodes and the copper

Since the herb garden and lighting system is so intricate,
it is best that they are hung as high up on to the ceiling as possible to
prevent children or pets from messing with it and getting hurt.

Oechsle created the lamps as a design concept for the
electronics brand Electrolux though it surely is one product that does merit
being mass produced as a self powered lighting system that also helps home
owners up their green thumbs.

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