Inspirational canvas art home decor ideas and tips

inspirational canvas art home décor ideas

Canvas art has always been one of the best ways to decorate your house. In fact, this form of home decor has been popular since the olden times. Today, you can find a wide range of inspirational canvas art home decor ideas that allow you to design and decorate your home within a small budget. These sort of artwork is not very expensive and come in a huge range of designs and themes.

Best tips for getting adorable canvas prints

There are few décor items that help in transforming a house into a home as canvas print does. Canvas prints are elegant and they can add a personal touch into your interior. Presently, interior designers and homeowners are extensively using canvas prints and canvas art home decor ideas. In the following you will find necessary information for choosing the right kind of picture for your canvas print and making it work.

Why should use Canvas Prints or canvas art home decor ideas?

If you use canvas prints then you need not worry about putting together different pictures as they will be printed on the same material. The pictures, when printed, should just match the wall and décor of the room. The canvas prints can be framed according to the wish of the owners. You can either use a float frame for your canvas print for a chic and contemporary look or go for a traditional standard frame. With Canvas prints the homeowners can choose a bigger size like 18X24 or 24X36 and even 96X54. Grouping the canvas prints in a funny or quirky manner will make your walls far more attractive.

Choose good quality photos

Not all canvas printing companies have equally advanced infrastructure for recovering old and worn pictures. Choose quality pictures which will look great when canvas printed and enhanced . If you choose pictures with less than 150 ppi then the canvas print will not look as good as expected. Always opt for higher pixel photographs because they will look better when enlarged and enhanced. The efficient canvas printing companies use superior methods, tools and technologies for restoring even the damaged and faded picture but you should not take chances.


Canvas size and shape

While making your customized canvas print the canvas material is usually spread on a hardwood frame and this is usually hung. In this procedure the edges or border of your favorite pictures can be lost. Ask the canvas printing service providers to give you the accurate measurements about the margin and possible inches that can be lost.

Choose the right shape and size of canvas

How the canvas print finally looks will depend on the type of canvas that you choose. A vertical and rectangular frame can compliment most of the pictures and includes most of the subject. For landscape pictures you can choose long and horizontal canvas.

Here are a few ways to decorate your house with canvases.

Herringbone canvas art home decor ideas

canvas art home decor ideasThe Herringbone design has its own beauty even though it is a very simple one. While choosing canvas-decorating ideas for your home with the Herringbone, you can opt to go for the patchwork idea, the painting idea, or even an embroidering idea. Take this concept to a different level by using broken toys, glasses pieces, or even small sized motifs.

His and Her wall art

Want to relive a special moment of your life every day? Well, why not go for the His and Her wall art? Online stores like Canvas Vows offer different ideas wherein you can use the His and Her concept. Whether it is re-living your dating days, choosing a photo that was taken on your wedding day, or just remembering the vows that the two of you made; there are many His and Her designs you can choose from while decorating your home with canvas art.

Canvas art made from photographs

A photo collage is one of the easiest ways to remember your good old times. This is not only one of the inspirational canvas art home décor ideas, but also a beautiful way to have your loved ones close to you. You can choose different layouts and ways to stick the photographs. To make it more fun, why not add a few funny captions that can describe the moment?

The classic polka dots canvas art home decor ideas

polka dots canvas art home decor ideas

Polka dots are never out of fashion and the same is applicable with home decor as well. You can choose from a wide range of inspirational canvas art home décor ideas using polka dots. Use the polka dotted concept as a background or just add a touch of it to your painting. You will see an instant transformation on the final touch of your canvas.

Metal patchwork canvas ideas

People who love the metallic touch can definitely use this idea. While decorating your home with canvas art, you can cut out metal sheets, aluminum foil, or go with metallic colors. While arranging the metal patchwork, make sure that you sketch out the basic design so that it becomes easy for you place them.

Glitter and lights ideas for canvas art

Blend in the concept of home decor ideas with canvases and string lights in a beautiful way to uplift your wall decor. This idea is also a good variant when you want to put your string lights into good use even after the festive season. Instead of storing the lights in a box, you can make small cutouts to place the bulbs on the canvas. Floral based inspirational ideas are one of the best ways to bring in the beauty of this look. For those who want to go with the multi-colored lights, you can choose to opt for an oceanic front or the cityscape inspirational idea.

3D effect world map canvas art home decor ideas

3D effect world map canvas art home decor ideasFor people who love to travel, the 3D effect world map is one of the unique and interesting canvas decorating ideas for your home. This will not only suit long walls, but you can also use it to create a focal point in your living room.

Heart shaped photo collage canvas art home decor ideas

One of the oldest but trendiest ways to make your photo collage, you can choose to use this concept in many ways. One of the inspirational canvas art home décor ideas you can use is by arranging different photographs in the shape of the heart. Another way to go about with this idea is to get the photos scanned and printed on a canvas.

Cut and colored inspirational canvas art home décor ideas

The cut and colored inspired art has a unique touch. These sorts of canvases are ideal for people who love to have the element of color and yet want to play safe. The canvases that are inspired by the cut and color concept come in various shapes, sizes, and designs that will be a perfect addition to any space.

Ultrasound canvas art: Unforgettable experience for parents-to be!

Ultrasound canvas art

Image Source :

Graphic designer and artists Oliver Muth has come up with something really ingenious and arty for all expecting parents out there. Ultrasound pink canvas art! The very first picture of your unborn baby from the womb glorified on the canvas for that unforgettable experience! The unborn baby’s image, glorified in the form of a modern art fetus poster that too with your choice of color and text might sound quite unusual but is certainly innovative and incredible! You can also opt to have your baby’s name and expected birth month on the poster.

5 piece canvas of nature inspired paintings

The beauty with nature-inspired paintings is that it is never dull. For people looking out for inspirational canvas art home décor ideas with nature, you can choose to go with the black and white image or even the dark or soft color pallet. If you place this 5 piece set in the living room, you do not have to waste any more time or money to decorate the space.

Canvasworks: Functionally interactive!

With the aim to create a blend of functionality and decorative for your home, Noto Fusai, a creative and multi-talented husband and wife duo, have released their new line of products they call “Canvasworks.” The interactive canvases incorporating plants, clocks, and picture frames into the canvas, not only give you a visual treat but are aesthetically cool too. Everyday scenery drawn on canvas on closer view that too when the scene actually functions, is artistically creative!

DNA Painting lets you flaunt your artsy gene

DNA-Painting-lets-you-flaunt-your-artsy-geneImage Source :

Paint by numbers can take a hike because a bold new art initiative is going to revolutionize the way we look at customized art works. DNA 11’s DNA Art lets you turn your DNA code into a beautiful work of art unlike any other in the world. What they basically do is that they take a swab of your genetic information and transform it into a totally unique painting. With up to four different personal DNA patterns on offer, the display on your canvas comes with customized color and you can even order a custom size

Summary on canvas art home decor ideas

Canvas prints are being used for making the interior walls look more personal and attractive. Grouping and organizing the canvas prints on a wall can add warmth to your rooms and uplift the overall décor. There are so many innovative ways to decorate your house with canvases

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