Most elegant coffee tables and creative and space-saving ideas for home decor with built-in aquarium

Aquarium furniture

A freshwater aquarium is a perfect addition to a home that demands a fresh and soothing appeal. You have freedom to choose from a variety of sizes, but the bigger ones certainly have a bigger impact in the room, making it more relaxing. However, if you think you cannot get home a big aquarium owing to the space issues at home, think again. Most of us sit at coffee tables for our morning coffee or to read the newspaper. Let us check out some space-saving ideas for home decor with built-in aquarium. Here are some very innovative and space efficient aquarium ideas that can let you have some cool and big aquariums at home:

1. Prosperity fountain coffee table aquarium

Prosperity Fountain Coffee table home decor with built-in aquariumThis aquarium which is custom made, rests on an acrylic pedestal and it has everything which is needed for a fish tank to fully function like fish food, pumps to filter water, electric cord, plants and so on. The only thing which you need to procure are the fishes. The price ranges between 650$ and 850$ depending on the variety in sizes.

2. Aquarium coffee table

Aquarium Coffee Table

This coffee table comes with a volume of 25 gallon. It gives a clear view of the interior by providing a removable top which is made of tampered glass which is a quarter inch thick. The table top is wide and sturdy in order to handle either a sculpture or a hard bound book. It has a heavy acrylic base and has lights at the base in order to lighten up the blue gravel base. This table also has a filter pump which can be submerged and also some decorative plants. It makes a very unique gift to be given to someone you love.

3. Aquarium 36-inch coffee table set

Aquarium 36-inch Coffee Table Set

This coffee table has a round shape and it is 36 inches in diameter and 23 inches in height. The coffee table has a glass table top and a plastic base which is durable. It has a volume of 15 gallon and it is most suitable for fresh water fishes. It comes with all the necessary aquarium accessories like a filter, a pump, etc.

4. Twin-square coffee table aquarium

twin-square Coffee table aquarium

The twin-square coffee table is completely made of glass (nor acrylic). Hence, even when you clean it, the glass does not get scratched. Since it belongs to the Aqua Vim aquariums, the pumps and filters are well hidden inside the columns. The lights in this table do not hurt the eyes. The table has all the necessary aquarium accessories. This comes in two sizes of a 50 and 77 gallon volume.

5. Fish tank coffee table

Fish Tank Coffee Table

The fish tank coffee table has been made of transparent materials and it has colored light. There is a gap between the top and the tank area which helps the fish in breathing. In this shape, the filter has been hidden at the feet of the table. The capacity of the table is around 8 gallons. There is no need to have plants for this table aquarium. It can also suit an office environment.

6. Handmade aquarium coffee table

Handmade Aquarium Coffee Table

If you love to decorate your home all by yourself and that too at an effective cost, this hand made aquarium coffee table is your pick. All the requirements can be procured from the local super store. The capacity of the table would be 10-20 gallons. The parts which you need are

  1. A long tank (10-20 gallon)
  2. 2 fluorescent fixtures (around 24 inches)
  3. Foam board (preferable black in color)
  4. Power strip
  5. Timer which has it’s own light
  6. 8 chair end clasps around one inch
  7. Wire unit (36 inches by 14 inches)
  8. A glass top
  9. A heater (100W)
  10. An internal filter (20G)
  11. Any beads or marble or pebbles for the floor of the aquarium

If you do not have any of these parts at home, it is alright. The cost of procurement will not cross 180$. If you have to purchase an aquarium, the starting price is at 500$.

7. Square coffee table aquarium tank

Square Coffee Table Aquarium Tank

This coffee table has been manufactured by Aqua Unite Company Limited. It is a square table and comes with wheels. The table top is placed at a height from the tank, which enables the fish to get fresh air. The square coffee table aquarium tank has all aquarium necessities. You could use it as a decorative furniture anywhere in the house. This can make your house look bright and beautiful.

This table is oval shaped and is made by the Aqua Vim company. The price varies from185$ to 1030$ based on the facilities provided built in. It is very comfortable to use as a kitchen table. You can also use it for cutting vegetables and it comes with a roller.

Creative and space-saving ideas for home decor with built-in aquarium

Around the fireplace


Besides having health benefits and stress reducing capacities, aquariums are of paramount importance for a room décor. They make a room lively and become a focal point of a room, thus hiding a lot many shortcomings if at all a room has. Here is a very cool idea of placing your aquarium around a fireplace.

Built into the wall surrounding a fireplace looks gorgeous and it saves space as well. You have to be very careful about the material and the overall makeup of the aquarium, so that the fire does not interfere with the water temperature.

Behind your bed home decor with built-in aquarium

Behind your bedThe headboard of your bed takes quite a lot of space and there is nothing exciting about it. Replace it with the same sized aquarium that will take the same amount of space but will add tons of positivity, health and excitement to your room.

Another idea that is just so ideal for small rooms is to have one on the wall behind your bed. This is a space efficient idea, which will make your room interesting and loveable like never before.

Vertical fish tank aquarium

Vertical fish tank home decor with built-in aquarium

This design is not just for small but for decent or large sized apartments as well. Its smart, sleek and minimalist design speaks volumes of contemporary interior decoration trends. Place it in a corner, and you have it there full of life and positivity. This one has a clock at the top, likewise, you can search for some other designs you think suits your existing décor and your style the most.

The table aquariums

The home decor with built-in aquarium

To manage the space trouble, you ought to think of or get the hang of some very creative and clever ideas. Here are the table aquariums that fight the small space problem in apartments and offices really well. Get home a coffee table that is an aquarium too, the surface works as a table and the area beneath is a beautiful fish tank. You get them in plethora of shapes, colors, sizes and styles, so pick the one you like the most. It goes for the office tables as well.

Use them as dividers

dividers home decor with built-in aquarium

You want to divide your dining room and living room, your and your kid’s room but there is no wall there. You need to install a divider and what better it could be than an aquarium. Get a wooden furniture aquarium, probably that stands up to the ceiling, and see how well it works as a room divider. It is like dividing the rooms in a most beautiful and attractive way.

Aquarium furniture

home decor with built-in aquarium

A very cool and innovative idea is to incorporate an aquarium into your furniture. Get home a sofa set that has aquarium on both its sides, and a kitchen cabinetry with cabinets on top and bottom and a beautiful aquarium in the middle. A shelving unit placed against a wall that has an aquarium in the middle and the shelves all around. Aquariums built as the railings for the stairs or the railings of the floor above are some other examples you must consider.

A final note space-saving ideas for home decor with built-in aquarium

Given the fact that many people live in small apartments; having a big aquarium in the house is a dream. However, people can opt for smart and clever aquarium designs that are space efficient and solve this problem. Sometimes we are seated in front of the regular wooden tables or some differently shaped glass tables. It seems so colorless and lifeless. It would be fantastic to have a coffee table with a built in aquarium.  This not only brings color and life into the living room, but also regulates the humidity level inside the house. Below, is the list of some of these tables available in the market. They are designed in different models in order to meet the requirements of the customer.

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