Home DIY Make your house smell fresh with these simple DIY tips and tricks

Make your house smell fresh with these simple DIY tips and tricks


Foul smell or pet odor can often be a turn off when you have guests coming over. It’s very easy to ensure that your house smells fresh all the time. There are many DIY ideas that you can use the take care of the foul smell and make your house smell good. Here are some easy solutions that will help you to take control of the small in your house.

Simple tricks for DIY ideas with natural oils 

Natural room scents

Natural room scents

You can customize the fragrance of each room the way you want.  This all-natural ingredient idea is ideal when you want to give your house a variety of aromatic fragrances. You can customize the DIY room scents based on frequency and use of the room. If you use it constantly, opt for more strong fragrances so that it can combat the foul smell easily. For areas where the frequency level is more, opt for a lighter fragrance provided it does not have the smell of moisture in the air.

Air diffusers and fresheners

This is easily available in the market however; it can be very expensive and often does not last for a very long time. Instead of buying readymade air diffusers and fresheners, you can consider making them at home. They are very easy and you can store them in mason jars.

Using essential oils 

Just before your guests come in you can mop the floor with water and essential oil. For your furniture like the sofa and curtains, use a spray bottle and sprinkle the water all across so that the cloth absorbs the fragrance. If you plan to use the spray bottle, one advice is it used essential oils that have a very strong fragrance.

Dealing with room odor with natural materials like fruits and plants 

Using lemon or lemon fragrance


The good thing about lemon and lemon fragrance is that it can make any space fresh within a matter of a few seconds. Fresh cut lemons are also a great way to deal with the foul smell coming in the refrigerator.

Eucalyptus leaves

Apart from the health benefits of eucalyptus leaves, you can add a nice fragrance to your house. Put some fresh eucalyptus springs into a bottle or vase and place it anywhere you want. This will help to bring in a freshness and stays for a very long time.

Using sea salt or rock salt

Rock salt or sea salt has many therapeutic benefits to it. It not only helps to restore a positive balance in the house, however even negative vibes clear from the environment of your house. It is also useful to use rock salt or sea salt when you have pets at home since it absorbs the odor.

Orange slices for the citrus fragrance


The citrus fragrance is very similar and useful to the use of lemon. It helps to ensure and take care of the odor in the refrigerator, bathrooms and small sized pieces.

Using Pine cones as an all natural option

Pinecones are a great way to bring in a nice fragrance to your house. To spice it up put a few cones in a basket and sprinkle a little essential oil of natural flavors like cinnamon or any other spices. This will give your house the beautiful fragrance that you would get outdoors during the fall season.

Baking soda always does the Trick

The oldest and best way to tackle any kind of odor is by using baking soda. This is ideal for the musty smell that you will often find in areas like the cupboards across. A small bowl of baking soda is more than enough to do the job. For your floors, you can sprinkle little baking powder and pour a little water. Sweep the floor using plastic broom and leave it aside for some time. This will help to take out the tough stains and odor from it easily.

Make your own potpourri

We all know that potpourri is one of the great ways to tackle foul smell. You can make your own potpourri over the stove. A simple idea is to take a cup of water, apple cider vinegar, almond extract, vanilla extract, cinnamon sticks and other such natural materials. Boil them in a saucepan at low heat and let them cool down. Dry the ingredients under the sun and place it in a bowl. You can use the water that is left behind on your sofas, beds or curtains.