Make your kitchen decor interesting with these cool kitchen accessories

Kitchen accessories are supposed to be more functional than
exciting looking. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot spruce up your kitchen
décor without giving up items of everyday use and function. Here are some peppy
kitchen accessories to spice up your space.

1. Koziol Luigi Spoon

Hate having to leave a food coated spoon on the kitchen
counter while cooking? The handy Koziol Luigi Spoon Rest provides the ideal
solution for such situations and adds a splash of color to your kitchen too.

2. Spaghetti horse

Spaghetti and noodles have a wicked way of spilling all over
the place during cooking. Even keeping them on a plate leaves them prone to
scattering. This is where a spaghetti horse comes in handy. And it doesn’t hurt
that it looks super stylish too.

3. Headchefs kitchen

The Headchefs range of kitchen tools basically attempts to
make your regular use cooking tools like whisks and spatulas look a lot more

4. Armadillo grater

Graters are a kitchen essential. But when they look like an armadillo,
they truly make your kitchen look more playful.

5. Voodoo knife block

Got some anger to vent? If yes, the voodoo kitchen knife can
be the perfect alternative to costly therapy sessions or dangerous
consultations with witchdoctors!

6. Struttin’ teapot
by Michael Lambert

Michael Lambert’s Struttin’ teapot is a playful every day
accessory that can really make your day. Its attractive and unusual appearance
alone is enough to make you smile and it totally helps that the thing is completely
functional too.

7. “Love and
hugs” salt & pepper shaker

This pair of amusing salt and pepper shakers is something
that will instantly have the beholder going “aww”. And since they interlock,
you’ll never misplace one of them again either!

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