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Mammoth’s Elite air purifier ensures clean air

mammoth elite air purifier

Air purifiers are increasingly becoming the need of the day, especially in our house to cut down the airborne contaminants from indoor areas. Mammoth has thus introduced Elite air purifier that promises a clean breathing air. It comes with the dual purification technologies that helps to reduce pollutants, viruses and bacteria, and also neutralizes the offensive odors and gases. It basically utilizes UV light and Photocatalyst oxidation to provide you with pure breathing air.

Photocatalyst technology neutralizes odors and gases in the air, converting them into harmless water and carbon dioxide molecules. On the other hand, UVC technology cuts down the harmful pollutants and bacteria in the air. The sleek and compact look makes it perfect to fit in any place, and also comes in an appealing look. The air purifier is priced for $210.

Via: Prweb