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Mistakes that can cost you dearly during kitchen remodel

If you are stuck with an old kitchen that you have been thinking of remodeling for quite some time now, here are some pointers that you need to consider before starting the project. These tips would help you sail through the project easily. If not heeded, they will turn into mistakes and cost you dearly.

Stick to the plan

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Most of homeowners tend to make the mistake of drawing something on the paper and then following something different afterwards. The secret to a perfect kitchen is investing plenty of time in planning, and then sticking to that plan afterwards. Otherwise, you would end up incurring some expensive and irreparable problems.

Choose function over fashion

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Instead of following the kitchen remodel design shown on home décor magazines, you must stick to a design that matches the space you have as well as the requirements of everyone in the family. Styles come and go, but function is permanent. So place function above fashion and choose a design that best emulates the needs, requirements and constraints of your kitchen.

Give attention to detail, but don’t lose sight of the big picture

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While giving attention to minute details is important, it is equally important to focus on the larger picture. For instance, you may want to add some additional storage cabinets under the kitchen counter, but forget about the space required for a person to move around when these cabinets are open. So keep the final plan in mind while trying to add or minus details.

Always remember the rule of ‘Golden Triangle’

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The “Golden Triangle” is the space between the three most functional areas of the kitchen, constituting of the stove, sink and refrigerator. Since they are the most used elements in the kitchen, your remodel plan should allow unobstructed access to these three elements. Not providing direct access to and from these areas will only reduce kitchen efficiency. So remember to follow the Golden Triangle rule.

Provide proper lighting

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Many kitchens adjust with just a single overhead light source that at times hinders the beauty of the space and productivity in the kitchen. Your kitchen remodel design should provide ample scope for proper lighting options, including dedicated task light, accent light and overall illumination light sources. For instance, areas like the stove and sink need dedicated task lights. As such, you must plan the light fixtures in these areas beforehand to provide them proper electrical supply.

Provide proper ventilation

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Ensure that your kitchen remodel project has a proper ventilation plan. This way, even if you tend to burn up a meal, you can ensure the fumes move outside the house by air vents and fans rather than entering the home or settling down on shelves or walls to create ugly smoke stains.

Set up proper waste disposal

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Usually we think that a small dustbin, near the entrance to the kitchen or below the sink, is enough for the cooking space. However, this can only lead to the kitchen becoming untidy and cluttered with time. So ensure to have at least two garbage disposal bins, in addition to a recycling bin and a miniature garbage bin, on the countertop to deposit food scraps while cooking.

Watch the budget

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Getting overly enthusiastic on your kitchen remodel would most likely end up with you spending too much on it. Never be in a situation where you run out of money in the middle of the project and thus, have to abandon it midway. Rather, allocate a budget to the remodel project and stick to it no matter what. The kitchen remodel project should not cost more than 20% of your home’s value.

Kitchen remodel projects are tricky and thus, need to be handled carefully. From sticking to a plan and allocating the budget for it to taking care of the other essential design elements are some essential aspects that will help you avoid the common kitchen remodel mistakes homeowners tend to make.