Mobile house with a lawn on the roof

lawn mobile house1

The Lawn House by Altro-Studio’s Anna Rita Emili has been designed to form a bio-compatible mobile house. It is a structure that has been enveloped in plastic transparent panels. It is the tray system of the envelope that allows the placement of a thin earth layer. And, it is over this earth layer that a rolled lawn system is or will be put. Its shape allows a good water drainage system and also holds the lawn over the structure. The rolled lawn is also a very good natural insulating material that integrates your house with nature.

It is also possible to place at the end of the structure to place two transparent panels containing the house door and a window, allowing a good natural ventilation system. Finally, there are a series of PV panels in amorphous mono or polycristalline silicon panels that have been superimposed to the structure. The PV modules can be anchored to the structure, through a docking system, all over the lawn surface with only one liability of south facing. And, you can also analyze from time to time the position of buildup battery allowing the preview about necessary optimization of electric powered.

Via: Notcot/altro-studio

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