Modern kitchen cabinets for smart kitchens

There are numerous ways in which you can spice up your kitchen with modern kitchen cabinets. Being the hub of activities in a modern house, kitchen needs to be functional, clutter-free, comfortable and attractive. In short, smart kitchens are what every modern women look for. You will be baffled at the choice of kitchen cabinets available today ranging from country casual and traditional to sleek and ultra contemporary. The article intends to enlighten you about some of the modern kitchen cabinets to turn your kitchen into a smart hub.

Modern custom kitchen cabinets with natural wood veneer

If you want a serene look for your kitchen, modern custom kitchen cabinets with natural wood veneer is your cup of tea. As a trendy substitute to solid wood, cabinets with natural wood veneers are greatly favored by modern homeowners. Wood veneers bear close resemblance to solid woods since they are formed from genuine wood genus. The most important advantage is that you can get it at a lower cost. You can get linear patterns with straight steady grains and the same pattern across all adjacent doors. The topping on the cake is that if you are a nature lover you can go for wood veneers as they are sustainable. Typical veneer woods include wenge, bleaches oak, ebony wood macassar, teak, natural maple, cherry veneer wood, white oak, European oak, etc. Natural wood veneers do not contain any synthetic or laminated surfaces. You can get cabinets of customized size and design for your kitchen.

Modern kitchen design by Stosa

Italian kitchen design company, Stosa, has come out with a range of contemporary kitchen cabinets. White kitchen cabinets are designed specifically to offer a clean and elegant look to nay kitchen. These brilliant white kitchen cabinets combine minimalist and sophisticated design elements. The beauty of the design lies in the striking play of contrasts and asymmetrical forms. Boxes are crafted to display non-typical shapes to offer increased levels of creativity and novelty. The cabinets display fresh forms without spoiling the storage aspect. Stosa’s new aesthetic range of advanced kitchens is sure to add some magic to any kitchen space by the contrast between pure white and a striking contrasting shade.

Colorful modern kitchen cabinets

Integrating bright and colorful cabinets is the best way to liven up any dull kitchen. Different hues can give distinct identity and personality to your kitchen. It is always advisable to add bright color against neutral to strike a balance. For instance, kitchen is painted in a muted shade; you can opt for kitchen cabinets with vivid yellow hue. Colored or painted kitchen cabinets will help you in personalizing the kitchen space. Creative color combinations are charming as well as exciting. By incorporating the right accessories such as dramatic lighting, you can turn your kitchen space into a glamour room.

Perfect kitchen cabinet from TOMEDE

Chinese kitchen cabinet maker TOMEDE has come out with a range of modern kitchen cabinets that make use of the car painting technology. These quality kitchen cabinets flaunt an ultra contemporary and modern look. The painting on the cabinets is long-lasting since high quality HDF spray-finishing is used to coat the lacquer. The paint will not fade away and is not subjected scratching or scraping. These modern cabinets are sure to spice up any kitchen space with its modern attitude.

Varenna by Poliform matrix kitchen cabinetry

Italian kitchen design company Poliform has introduced Matrix kitchen cabinetry collection from its Varenna collection. If you want to pack your kitchen with more ambiances, Matrix kitchen cabinetry is great. Matrix cabinets are designed to offer a blend of visual appeal, dimensions and spacious surfaces. Minimalist and contemporary styles are promoted in the design. One of the distinctive elements of the new collection is the availability of huge open spaces. The cabinets are offered in a range of vivid shades to add unique personality to your kitchen. Some of the existing wood finishes are walnut, canaletto, ebony, wenge, oak, siena oak, brown oak, Spessart oak, dyed gray oak and acacia. Cabinet handles are incorporated on the top edge of the door to enable ease of use. Varennas collection by Poliform is distinct for matchless masterpiece solutions, selections of material, finishes and hues. Each cabinet is crafted to ensure tailor made solutions that suit diverse lifestyles.

Shaker kitchen cabinets

Shaker kitchen cabinets are an ever-popular kitchen cabinet style that has been in vogue for more than 50 years now. Those who opt for kitchen remodel usually embrace shaker cabinet styles to spice up their kitchen with simplicity. The inspiration of the style is derived from a religious group called The Shaker movement that cropped up in the US in 1820s. Shaker religious groups favored simplicity of style and hence Shaker design displays mild twists and straight lines along with judicious proportions. Shaker kitchen cabinets are distinct for their smooth panels, utilitarian designs, less ornamentation and square frames. Mostly, Shaker cabinets are made by popular American woods.

Shaker kitchen cabinets are mainly popular in Kentucky, New England, New York and Pennsylvania. In spite its simple and minimalist look shaker cabinets are preferred by many thanks to its modern, turn-of-the-century and yet conventional look. Shaker kitchen cabinets are commonly found in cottage homes or country kitchens and log cabins. Another major reason for its popularity is the reasonable price in which they are available. Due to the increased popularity, Shaker kitchen cabinets are now available in a variety of shades and designs. You can embellish a Shaker cabinet with vivid colors or attractive fixtures.

Modern red kitchen cabinets

Red is one of the trendiest colors that you can use to add a matchless zing to your kitchen space. Red hue has the advantage of jelling well with any modern ambiance. The bright color can even turn a dull space into a stylish and fashionable one. Red can be matched up with black, white, off white, gray and stainless in a distinct manner to create an opulent look. Kitchen cabinets in red shade can do wonders in transforming your uninteresting kitchen. Glossy reddish-purple cabinets with screen-printed glass will go well with lustrous beige wall cabinets. By adding a number of stainless elements you can obtain a fine ambiance for your kitchen.

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