Modular tables that add a contemporary touch to your living room

Modular furniture is a popular choice in today’s world, it makes perfect sense in choosing a piece of furniture, which you just need to assemble. These can be repacked easily and are ideal for transportation while shifting. A modular table can add grace as well as utility and beauty to your living room.

Hexa Puzzle Table

Hexa Puzzle Table

The Hexa puzzle table is available in a variety of sizes and different finishes. The modular table will bring vibrant colors in your living room as they come in various color combinations. As the name suggests the table, looks like a pleasing puzzle. There are a number of trays like panels in the system that can expand or compact the size of the table.

These panels can either be pulled out to increase the surface area or pushed inside to minimize the table. Moreover, these panels in the table can be flipped to form trays, as one side of each panel is plain and the other has a depression in them. Bernard Vuarneson has designed this modular puzzle table.

Pixel Table

Pixel Table

A visual on a computer screen is made up of millions of pixels or tiny dots. Likewise, the pixel table is built using a number of wooden blocks. The blocks are carved out of bamboo wood and are stacked together to form a cube like structure. The solid wood blocks are rectangular and seem to be quite durable.

There are lot of things that you can do to these blocks in terms of changing the dimensions of the table. The blocks can be pulled out to increase the surface area of the table. Interestingly if you wish to store something inside the table, simply push a few blocks inside to make a cavity inside the block. You can have fun in changing the shapes of the table and then restoring it back to the cube.

Kai Table


The Kia table is a skillfully designed and crafted modular piece of furniture. The brilliant finish of the table is shiny and appealing at the first sight. There is more to the table than the luster and shine. Takamistu Kitahara and Naoki Hirakoso have designed it cleverly to give you lots of storage space.

When you start exploring the table, it will definitely surprise you by the number of storage sections created inside it. The top can be lifted from a number of places and the sides are either sliding or a section could be pulled out from the table. The entire setup looks like a jigsaw puzzle.

Lepke Formable Table

Lepke Formable Table

Made from oiled beech wood the table is an out of the world design. Solid wood slats, rectangular in shape form the building blocks of the table. The slats at the end of the table can be rotated to form the legs of the table or be adjusted to change the height of the table. All the wooden blocks can be straightened to transform the table into a flat mat. About eight pairs of these wooden sticks from both sides are twistable.

You can adjust the height according to your requirement and then fix the legs at that position by tighten the screws provided on the last legs. David Szabo, who took inspiration from a butterfly in designing this table, has designed the Lepke table. This designer table is available in three finishes, the first one is oil beech finish on both sides. In the second one, the top surface is painted black while the lower surface has the beech finish. The third finish is black on both the surfaces.

These spectacular designs are easy to assemble, good to look and some offer storage. A modular table has the capability of transforming your simple living room into a stylish one.

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