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Mood cube sets a good vibe to your decor

mood cube
Searching for a perfect Mood light which sets for a mood after the hard day work? Mood cube brings end to your search as there is no more a need for jungle-esque vines of fairy lights or candles teetering on the edge of the bath. The small and cute looking cube is perfect for your kids’ bedrooms but it also enhances other living rooms and bathrooms with its beauty. The relaxing and bold colors of the cube add a warm ambiance to your décor style and gently fill the room with its pleasing appeal.

The amazing attributes is that it does not require wires, plugs and naked flames and is operated on full battery. Handy enough to be moved from one place to the other, the cube are all set for good vibes in your trendy décor. For a set back of £5.99, you can take those good vibes with you wherever you go.

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