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Mostrap could end the mosquito problem for good

Dealing with mosquitoes is a problem that the world’s
brightest scientists and the most brilliant of innovators have not been able to
figure out till date. Sure we have those Chinese made mosquito and bug killing
racquet shaped devices and biggest establishments often use electricity-sipping
mosquito zappers to keep these pesky bloodsuckers at bay, but none of these
devices have been too effective at ensuring that mosquitoes don’t take the
liberty of biting humans in their surroundings.

However, designer Vishakan Shivasubramaniam has come up with
a new invention that promises to keep mosquitoes at bay and also control their
population effectively. 

The device comes with a special component which houses
a mixture of yeast from which very small amounts of CO2 is secreted.

Since the CO2 produced by humans is a huge draw for mosquitoes,
the device is able to mimic the scent of human skin. When used, the device
called Mostrap produces a scent that is nearly undetectable by humans though it
attracts mosquitoes just like a very sweaty, very fat person. The trap features
a funnel at the top through which mosquitoes are lured into the device.

Once inside, they are zapped by the electric grid and die. The
device thus acts as a mosquito lurer, a bug zapper and a dead mosquito
collector as well. The designer has not specified how the dead mosquitoes are
cleaned from the device but if this thing really works as promised, we won’t be
complaining much about having to shake dead bloodsuckers from the gadgets every
once in a while.

The Mostrap remains a concept for the time being though it
is certainly a product whose time has come and we’re sure to see this on our
store shelves as soon as the designer perfects its design.

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