Eight nature-inspired flower vases to liven up your home decor

Nature inspired Flower Vase

Our beautiful surroundings have always been an inspiration for many things. People like bringing the creations of nature in their lives in some form or the other and designers are of a great help when it comes to fulfilling this desire of humans. A vase has the power to transform the overall look of a place and is used to place plants. There are endless vases present in the market that will make your dwellings look all the wonderful. Below is a list of eight flower vases that have been inspired by nature and vow to brighten up your home decor like never before.

1. Surrealistic Vase

Surrealistic Vase

Getting pricked by a thorn is never pleasant, but the thorny design of Surrealistic Vase will definitely make eyes roll in surprise. The awe-amazing vase is a brainchild of Volha Harokhava that will arrest attention with its appearance. The whole vase features thorns that make the overall design a great reminder of some thorny plant. Surrealistic Vase has been dipped in the color white and will blend with almost all kind of interiors.

2. Ferm Living Tree Trunk Vase

Ferm Living Tree Trunk

What looks like a tree trunk is a vase inspired by Scandinavian nature. Fern Living Tree Trunk Vase has been designed by Trine Andersen and will add a touch of uniqueness to your decor. The vase has been crafted from a real tree trunk and hence no two vases will ever have the same shape, color or size. Alder wood has been used to bring these exquisite vases to life. Fern Living Tree Trunk Vase can also double as a decoration piece and will definitely fetch a lot attention, thanks to its uniqueness.

3. The Onion Vase

The Onion Vase

Cutting onions bring tears in our eyes but the Onion Vase is here to make you smile. The eye-catching creation has been well conceived by Iris Zohar, who is a designer from Israel. No two vases are mirror images of each other, which gives each one of them a truly unique existence. The vase has been crafted from ceramic stoneware and has a width of 10cm. The height of this incredible product can vary anywhere between 32 cm to 40 cm. Place you favorite plant or flower in it and see it cast a magical impression on onlookers.

4. Whale-Watching Vases

Whale-Watching Vases

The Mobi Vase has been shaped like a whale and will lend a mystic effect to the area it is placed in. The cleverly designed vase has been crafted using A-grade porcelain and the finishing in hi-gloss makes it very attractive. It consists of two parts and the overall design only makes sense when the tail is added. The whale shaped vase is available in colors just two colors: white and black. The main body is used to place flowers and can hold water to support plants. The Mobi Vase will make the area all the more special, but make sure you always remember to position the tail else it will leave people in a confusing state.

5. Selective Seaworthy Vases

Selective Seaworthy Vases

Here is vase that will remind you of the mighty ocean every time you look it. Christened the Saving Seas Collection, the line of vases is a great work of art by Katherine Morley. These can also be uses in place of coral that can be spotted in fish tanks. They have been made using porcelain and will give interiors a touch of daintiness. The designer has succeeded in making a vase that will woo Eco-conscious souls with its beauty. Saving Seas Collection is quite elegant and its capability to double as a substitute for coral is all the more alluring.

6. Flower Eruption Vases

Flower Eruption Vases

Jon Bjornsson, a designer from Iceland, has made good use of volcanic sand and converted it into a range of vases with his artistic skills. Named the Flower Eruption Vases, the collection is mesmerizing and will force onlookers to slip in a state of awe. The angular shape is pretty attractive and is brought to life using paper molds. These can be placed in offices, restaurants and of course homes with the plants of your choice.

7. Original WIG Vase by Tania da Cruz

Original WIG Vase

Tania da Cruz has designed a fun vase that will make people smile with its witty and unconventional shape. The Original WIG Vase has been shaped like a human head and plants/flowers placed inside it will look like a wig. The quirky product will let users use their imagination as well as creativity while placing plants in this vase. It will definitely make eyes do a cartwheel in surprise and fetch you unending compliments and comments.

8. The Cuco vase

Cuco vase

The Cuco vase will pull you towards it with its distinctive looks. The vase resembles a hungry chick with its beak wide open, all ready to be fed with food. The design consists of a sphere that has an opening crafted in the form of a beak. The designer has fetched heavy inspiration from a hungry cuckoo chic and must say have done a brilliant job at it. Feed the hungry vase with your most loved flowers and see it cast a spell on others with its beauty.

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