Nissa Kinzhalina’s metal Gentle Hint Chairs embody minimal design

The magnificence of simple furniture and minimalist design is evergreen.The Gentle Hint Chairs by Nissa Kinzhalina is spectacularly simple, but interesting art.

The inspiration

Nissa Kinzhalina’s metal Gentle Hint Chairs (1)

Straight parallel lines seem to bethe inspiration behind the Gentle Hint Chairs. A side view of the chairs makes them appear like simple sketches on the verge of completion. Nissa is an admirer of Japanese design philosophy.She has grown up around Japanese furniture and is moved by the clean spaces and the uni-detail idea. However, the single detailof the furniture piece was significant enough to define it. While designing the Gentle Hint Chairs her aim was that the onlooker should feel the simplicity in the first glance and on the second look should feel that there was more to it.

The furniture

The Gentle Hint Chairs comprise of a pair of metal chairs. One of them is of the size of a regular dinning chair and the other one is like the barstool. Powder coated metal square rods, form the frame of the chairs. The base of the small chair is an incomplete square, whereas the base of the taller one is an incomplete rectangle. The square rod legs extend to the backrest,but do not meet. It’s exquisite to see how the square rodsmaneuver to take the shape of the chairs.

The seat of the chairs is black, made out of solid wood. A soft pillow for the seat will come along the chairs, once they are mass-produced, as per the design studio. Leaving the height of the chairs and a cross bar on the taller one, the chairs are similar in design.

The charisma

Nissa Kinzhalina’s metal Gentle Hint Chairs (3)

Despite of the fact that the chair frame is of metal rods that do not meet at the end to complete the symmetry, the chair is stable and solid. The chairs when placed back to back appear like an inseparable piece of art. Simple things can be elegant too, these chairs are a contemporary example of it.

Nissa Kinzhalina is an artist keen to influence the minds of individuals through her design concepts. The sketches of the Gentle Hint Chairs by Kinzhalina reveal the effortlessness and art behind the physical pieces.

The designer of the chairs is from Kazakhstan and runs a design studio called NN Design Band. Almost all designs by Kinzhalina have an element of straight lines, that is perhaps her signature style.

Source : Behance.Net

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