Node sculptural lamps flit between forms with ease

If you are on a lookout for something that could add freshness and interest to your home décor, you are going to love what we have got for you. It is a range of sculptural lamps named Node, created by Dutch Odd Matter Studios. The lamps change their form and shape to illuminate a room.

Bears a resemblance to electrical diagrams

Node sculptural lamps  3

Lamp is a simple electrical gadget that illuminates a room when turned on and makes a room dark when it is off. The switch is what opens or closes the connection between a light bulb and the electric current, which is responsible for lighting up the bulb. However, none of the lamps ever displayed any such connection, as all this takes place but in a hidden manner.

The connection and disconnection of electric current and the light bulb takes place somewhere inside the lamp and all you get to see is the turning on and off the bulb. The Odd Matter Design Studio has managed to do a commendable job of bringing this hidden mechanism into light by making it a sculptural part of the lamp’s body. Externalizing an internal mechanism has given Node lamps a unique shape that resembles electrical diagrams.

Physical transformation takes place

Node sculptural lamps  1

The five Node lamps are different because they do not possess any button or a switch that usually turns on and off lamps. These lamps physically transform in order to turn on and off. The physical transformation makes these five lamps functional sculptures as well.

To put it in other words, even when the lamp is not in use, it looks visually appealing, no less than a decorative sculpture. You just have to move its components a bit to turn it on or switch it off.

When you move a part of the lamp, it serves as a breaking agent or the agent that creates a connection between a light bulb and electric current. Made of copper and jesmonite, the lamps look elegant and like the quasi-scientific lab objects altogether.

Designers took inspiration from electrical diagrams to design Node lamps, and for its functionality, they took inspiration from folding chairs and doors. Just as you are supposed to fold and unfold a folding chair before you use it, just as you open or close the door to use it, similarly you are supposed to transform the shape of these lamps to use them.

The Node lamps not only illuminate their surroundings but also add elegance and beauty to the décor with their graceful design.

Source : OddMatterStudio.Com

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